Potluck and Secret Santa

So our annual potluck at Blue Ocean was today. Myself and another member of my project were in charge of it which resulted in most of the day up in our 4th floor boardroom and off the phones. Typically I would be overjoyed to be off the phones, but today with all the running up and down stairs or elevator when I got really lazy and with the crock pots (8 of them) turned on, the boardroom was boiling!

But the food! Wow, we had recipes from all over the world. We have an international team of agents that are from all over. So it was really nice to see all the food. With about 3/4 of the team taking part there was tons of stuff left over. My perogies were a big hit, they were one of the first things gone. Everyone said I need to bring more next time.

I was thinking as well, that next year we should have people make up recipe cards and either do up an email with all the recipes in it or make up enough recipe cards that they can take one from each dish that they like. I did have people put ingredients on each dish, for people with allergies, sensitivities or people who are vegetarian or vegan. I hope to get involved again next year or in something else like Secret Santa. [...]  READ MORE

Sink or Swim – Part 2

I obviously can’t go into as much detail about all parts of my stay at KAF (Kandahar Airfield) or it would be a long ass post. But I thought the plane ride was kinda symbolic.

After getting through the gates, we went on a bumpy and slightly smelly bus ride across the base to pick up our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which consists of a duffle bag filled with a protective vest (Kevlar possibly, I don’t remember) and helmet, a gas mask and a flash light. This was to be stored under our beds and donned if you are close enough to it when the sirens go off, which happened again while picking up our PPE and trying it on. After 2 minutes face down on the ground with my arms over my head. I head to a concrete bunker and hang out till the all clear siren.

Next we go get our ID’s and travel around the outskirts of the base, safely just inside the walls to get a view of everything, including the “Shit pond”, which is a small lake that was filed with human waste, cooking oil and grease. The smell gets whipped around the base with the desert winds. It can get quite ripe. But like anything you get used to it. Till you get home to Canada (or where ever) anyways and can not get the smell out of your hair, skin, clothing, and baggage, no matter how much you scrub, wash and rinse. Eventually it fades on skin and hair, for most, in time to go back to KAF after vacation. [...]  READ MORE

Cooking for Christmas!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is spending a day, a weekend and sometimes even a week cooking up stuff for the Holiday season. It has been a tradition in my family (as with a lot of families) for as long as I can remember. This year we have made, 21 1/4 dozen cheese, onion and bacon perogies (that’s 255 perogies), 6 1/2 dozen macaroons (78), and 6 1/2 dozen (78) ginger snaps.

I decided to post pictures and the recipe that my family has used for a long time. It was passed from my Aunt to my Mom years ago when my Mom and Dad got married. My father thinks it’s the recipe that his mother, passed down to my Aunt and that her mother most likely passed down to her so it’s been in the family for generations I think. I took the pictures so I’m not in any of them my Mom is. But since we made like 5 batches of dough I did to a lot of it myself too.

I’ve never really written out a recipe before so I hope it’s not too bad. We mostly do them by memory and I don’t think mom even has a recipe written down. So forgive me for not putting the amounts of the filling. If we make to much filling we just fry it up for breakfast the next morning or make more dough. [...]  READ MORE