First day back at work

So today was my first day back at work. I woke up about 9 am to the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen. Cory made bacon, eggs, home made hash browns (with veggies) and toast for breakfast. He loves to cook and is fairly good at it (mo on the other hand, well that is a story for another time…).

After getting showered we sat down and ate breakfast together before I headed off to work. I left about 10:30am as I work at 11 am and wanted to get there a few minutes early. I live really close, 5 min by car but like to be at work at least 15-20 minutes before my shift starts to get everything set up on my computer, programs and such.

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The End of Summer

I noticed tonight that it is starting to get dark before 9 PM. Seems like summer is almost over. That brings out mixed emotions in me since I have been pretty much house bound for the last two and a half weeks.

On one hand I am extremely sad that summer is almost over and that I will not get to go swimming at the beach or at a lake again this summer. On the other hand I am excited for fall and ready for the 30° weather to go away. I am sure I will regret that since the winter is supposed to be an especially brutal one. Last winter was bad but this one is supposed to be worse.

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I would loose my head if it wasn’t attached…

I really would. Day started out fairly normal. Had to make a call to ALC to help Cory’s cousin get back $125.00 he spent by accident on Web Cash thinking he could buy anything anywhere online with it. Ummm… No, you can not. It is for ALC products only, it’s a gift card for them… Yep, one of them days.

Then the three of us went to go get his ID photocopied, get a stamp and mail the Web Cash to ALC to get his money back and look for a winter jacket for Cory. I have 2 debit cards, one I mainly use and one that is my Visa debit. Well that’s the one I had the money on… so what did I do? I brought the other card and forgot the one I need at home. How’d I figure this out? We decided to stop for KFC/Taco Bell on the way in the mall. At the cash register after I ordered I realized the card I did have had less then $5 on it. So we borrow $20 from his cousin to pay.

So that was okay… While waiting I transfer money to the card I do have. Gotta love smart phones! We do what we need to, we find Cory a jacket, a nice Columbia one for $129! I love a deal, 2 jackets in 1 week that were worth over $300 each that we got for less then half price!

We take his cousin back and drop him off at our apartment to get his car and then decide to go to Bayer’s Lake, a large outdoor mall area to pay off the last of my debt. On the way my Mom calls and asks us to check out a 16 GB Lenovo Tablet on sale for $99.99. They initially bought my brother a 4 GB one but (despite me repeatedly telling them there was not enough space) quickly realized there was not enough space. Go figure. So we buy it for them and then pay the bill we needed to pay and head to Sobeys for groceries and my card that I had transfered the money onto earlier? I can not find it anywhere!

I search my pockets, I search my purse, I search the car, then Cory searches my pockets, then my purse, then the car. It is no where! Vanished. So I call the last couple of places we went. No one has it. It has not been found. So I drive all the way home, leaving Cory at Sobeys with the shopping cart full of unpaid for grocery’s next to the cash. I get my original card that I forgot earlier and go back and pay. I was so embarrassed!

Get home after that ordeal, open up the tablet and guess what? The apps he was trying to install on the other one that did not have enough space, are not compatible with this tablet… seriously pissed at this point. I turn my tablet on to see if they were compatible with it. It will not turn on. Just repeats the Samsung logo over and over and over again. I google it, restart it in safe mode and then reboot it again and it works.

In the meantime supper is in the oven. Chicken fingers and fries. When it is done cooking I put mine on a plate, add some bbq sauce, go in the living room and turn on the TV. The cat stalks me all the way in, waits till I put the plate down on the arm of the couch and then fly’s at me landing in the middle of the freaking plate right in the bbq sauce! He looks at me and I swear he was grinning. I scream, the plate goes flying in one direction, the cat in the other and me onto the floor. Yes, it really was one of those days.