A Story About A Girl

I need a vacation

You would think that after months of off work due to health reasons and only being back about 2 weeks full-time that vacation would be the last thing on my mind… but its not! Everyone at work is going on vacation this month and early next and its made me realize in 16 years of working the only official vacation I took was 2 weeks about 3 years ago!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks but they pretty much have everything sorted out. I do not have [glossary slug=”multiple-sclerosis-ms”]MS[/glossary], which is really good news. The bad news is: I have [glossary slug=”fibromyalgia”]Fibromyalgia[/glossary] and [glossary slug=”diabetes”]Diabetes[/glossary]. Between the two of them they account for almost all of my symptoms and a few I had that I never even really thought of until I was told by other people symptoms they had. For example. I have had “floaters” or black or dark grey spots in my vision for a while. I always assumed it was just part of getting older. Never thought much about it. But apparently they can happen because your sugars get high, the numbness I started experiencing can be from either/or [Fibro or Diabetes].

The verdict is still out on [glossary slug=”superior-canal-dehiscence-scd”]Superior Canal Dehiscence (SCD)[/glossary]. Since the test indicate it I still need to get a CT and MRI to rule it out. So I may have a 3rd thing that is totally unrelated but would account for the rest of the “missing” symptoms from above. [...]  READ MORE

poor daddy!

I forgot to mention we “found” my father the other night. His phone’s not working well and after it gets from 3 bars (for the battery) to 2. It doesn’t ring anymore even though it goes to voice mail (which he doesn’t even have!). And he didn’t know how to call collect… (Umm… yeah… try 0, and ask to make a collect call… lol). So my mother wasn’t very impressed to say the least. His work actually called the RCMP and reported him missing!

So that brings us to today (wasn’t home the night before last so wasn’t around for anything to happen and last night was fairly quiet) 8:30 or quarter to 9 o’clock we’re all sitting around the table eating breakfast (which doesn’t happen all that often). Dad gets up and goes into they’re room to get a shower. All we hear is a scream and a thump. Mom goes running. And dad’s doubled over on the floor in pain. Say’s it’s his kidney area of his back. And he can’t move. Eventually she gets him (he was still dressed) to the bed in there room. I’m standing in the hall. Not really sure what’s going on. And he says to her “either get me to the bathroom fast or get something here fast I’m gonna be sick”.

The two of us manage to get him, while he’s still screaming in pain, to the bathroom. And he gets sick. For about 25 minutes he couldn’t get off the bathroom floor between the intense pain and nausea. Mom and I are debating whether to try and get him to a hospital ourselves or call 911. He says he thinks he can make to the car. Dad hates hospitals and doctors. So for him to volunteer to go means somethings wrong. He doesn’t put up a fuss at all as we manage to get him into the car. So mom takes him to the DGH and we hear nothing for about 3 hours (Denton and I know it takes a while sometimes to get seen there, so it’s no surprise). Mom calls and says they haven’t even been in yet as there was a young girl brought in who was having constant seizures (I know what that’s like… it’s not fun.). About an hour and a half later mom comes home without dad. They decided she’d come home and get something to eat and check on Denton and I. And then she’d go back. 3 hours after she went back she calls. They think he has a kidney stone. He has to have an x-ray and they give(gave) him morphine. He can go home with medication for now but if it gets any worse or isn’t gone by the same time tomorrow he has to go back and see a Urologist. [...]  READ MORE

going to digby tomorrow

Mom just picked me up from work. I think we’re going down to Digby tomorrow. Aunt Marge is really bad. I just saw pictures of her. It’s not the Aunt Marge I know. They’re heart breaking. She so swollen she’s about 3 times her regular size. She can’t eat (she’s in a semi state of coma and paralyzed on one side). So she’s on IV’s but she’s diabetic so her blood sugar is like 4 cause they can’t control it because she isn’t getting the nutrients she needs. Her kidneys are barely working and she’s so bloated it’s horrible. I haven’t cried yet. This all just hasn’t really sunk in yet. But it’s starting too. I’m doing my best to hold back the tears. It’s going to be so hard. I’m scared to go see her yet if I want to see her I have to go tomorrow. Joey (her son) is coming from Florida where he lives because they don’t think she’ll make it through the next few days. They’re surprised she made it through the weekend.

God all I can think of is the last time her Nan and I all went to bingo. I remember going outside at one point because the smoke was making my eyes sting and she followed me out and we talked for a while. I was like 17 or so. Maybe older? 18 maybe. And she wanted to know if I had plans for collage and stuff. But rather then being dissapointed that I wan’t to take a year off she was encouraging and saying some people needed to do that as long as they went back. I promised I would. I never kept my promise. I remember Jerry’s funeral (my foster Uncle) and I was sitting with Ray (my other foster Uncle, both boys were in their mid 40’s and severely mentally handicapped, both were living in the Bridgetown Adult care facility – my Nan and gramp had the boys from their teens till their late 30’s or very early 40’s) holding his hand and talking to him in the viewing room. I was (and am still to Ray) very close with both boys. I grew up with them and they’ve always been in my life. Anyway I was talking to Ray who wasn’t really aware and was just basically grunting. But I had tears pooring down my face and I was just trying to keep him happy and quiet since he knew something big was happening and he just didn’t understand.

Aunt Marge came up to me with one of her grand or great grand daughters and told the girl to go sit with Ray while she talked to me. So we talked for a while and she hugged me and said it was so hard on all of us but especially me. I had grown up with the boys almost as if we were siblings who just didn’t always live together. She said she wanted me to know how impressed she was that even in my late childhood, my teens and into my early 20’s that I never shunned the boys. That I still treated them the same as I did when I was little. And she was glad I was there for Ray who really didn’t understand. She was such a sweet heart. I’m going to miss her so much. My mom cried on the way home from picking me up from work. She said it’s like loosing “Mom” (my Nanny or Nan) all over again. And in some ways it is. It brings all that back. God I miss her so fucking much. She really was like a mother to me at times. Yes I have a mother and I love her to death but if mom wasn’t there for some reason Nan always was. She was my protector. She was my Nan. I miss her so much it hurts. Brad I don’t know if I ever told you how much it meant to me to have you there when mom told me. To have you hold me and just be there. I was in bad enough shape as it was and I know I wouldn’t have made it without you. For that I’ll always be greatful and you’ll always be one of my very best friends. Your always there when I need you. Even now you listen anytime I have a problem. And I try and listen to you. I just hope I’m as good a friend to you as you’ve been to me since highschool (well during grade 12 too). And all my other friends. I really love you guys to death. I’m only mentioning Brad, by name cause I know he wouldn’t care. The rest of you I don’t know… [...]  READ MORE

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