We got a new car!

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We bought a new car! Well, as close to new as I have ever had. It’s a 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT Preferred. It is used but only had just under 14,000 km on it at purchase last month. We have had it now for almost 4 weeks and I couldn’t love it more! The only thing I wasn’t fussy on at first was the color but it’s really grown on me. I was never a big fan of white vehicles but Polar White really suits this car. I am in love with it in every way and it is a dream to drive. I feel so safe and secure in it not wondering if it’s going to break down around each and every corner like the old one.

Sorry about the dirt on the floor on the passenger’s side in the above picture. We need to get some rubber mats for it. It’s a GT (Grand Tour or Grant Tourismo) hatchback. It’s sporty and peppy and really a lot of fun. It has heated black cloth seats, leather heated steering wheel, 6-speed Automatic Transmission with shiftronic manual mode, 8″ touch-screen display with SiriusXM and android auto/apple carplay, rearview camera, blind-spot collision warning and rear cross-traffic collision warning and remote keyless entry system with alarm. There isn’t a lot it doesn’t have. I was pretty impressed. It has a ton of room in the hatch and the backseat though not as roomy as our old car is still pretty comfortable.

It is costing us a minor fortune due to what was left in the old car loan but the old car was about to bite the dust so we needed something that would work for us and be reliable in the almost 3 hours of winter driving I will be doing every day this winter. It’s really going to stretch us but I am switching our insurance out in the middle of December so that should save us some and bring us about back where we started. We’ve got enough saved up as well to put 4 new studded winter tires on it for the winter months which we need to get soon.

Unfortunately, I have been sick for 2 of the 4 weeks and we haven’t had a good chance to get them on or really get out in it other than one geocaching trip in the first weekend we had it but it’s also made about 6 trips back and forth between Deep Brook and Coldbrook because of appointments and emergencies in the last two weeks so it’s going to need an oil change before it’s 2nd month is up but it’s a wonderful car and I am so excited to go on adventures with it. We plan to do some trips to the parts of Kedjimkujik that are open in the winter for some hiking on warmer days as well as some more geocaching which we have just fallen head over heals with.

Overall we did really good and though it was a bit expensive upfront it is going to save us so much in the long run. I know I sound like a car ad but that’s okay. I have always loved cars and driving. Time to make it fun again! We are hoping to get started on Saturday if I am doing better by driving an hour and 10 minutes to Yarmouth for the Candy Cane Lane Festival. I am so excited and really hoping I am feeling well enough to go!

Camping in PEI

I’ve really wanted to go camping in PEI for a while now and on a bit of a road trip. In fact, it’s in my 2019 Bucket List post below. I haven’t been camping in PEI in years. I think I was a teen or in my early 20’s when I last went with my parents. Well, we will be going in July! Over my birthday weekend, I have booked us 4 nights at Cedar Dunes Provincial Park! $150 for 4 nights I figured why not! So we will be spending a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. I am excited about visiting the West Point Lighthouse and maybe some other lighthouses and walk the beautiful beaches.

West Point Lighthouse. Photo credit: Welcome PEI

We’ll be driving up Thursday morning, roughly a 6-hour drive, July 4th and crossing the Confederation Bridge and then through Summerside to visit family then on to the provincial park and then back again on the 8th. That will leave us all day the 5th, 6th, and 7th to explore the island. I have been across Confederation Bridge before in someone else’s vehicle but this will be my first time driving over the bridge myself. Little apprehensive of that not a fan of heights but the sides are pretty high. I did go across once in Dad’s 18 wheeler and was able to see over the sides. I remember it being both scary and beautiful!

The Confederation Bridge. Photo credit: The Star

I am so excited about this trip and camping. We haven’t gone camping since our honeymoon almost 3 years ago. We got a new tent for Christmas last year but with me getting hurt last summer we never got to use it. I can’t wait! We plan to do some picture taking, hiking, geocaching and drive around western PEI as well as swim and enjoy the beaches and maybe do some beachcombing. We will come back another year and do Charlottetown and eastern PEI if we don’t get a chance. I am really unsure time wise if we will get there this trip but if I can we will. I have to research it a bit more.

So the countdown to PEI is on! 83 days and counting!

Geochaching, Dinner & A Movie

Yesterday Edward and I both had the day completely off. He wasn’t working at Walmart and we had finished up the last of the transcription work mom had sent us and she won’t have more for us until after the weekend so we slept in a bit and relaxed for the early morning. We had decided a few days before that we were going to do our best to get the typing out of the way so that we had the weekend off from it. He still had to work today and tomorrow at Walmart but it gave us all day yesterday to do what we want. So we did.

We had decided to go see Captain Marvel at the Yarmouth Cineplex. I was really disappointed when we got to the theatre in Yarmouth that they don’t have Time Play at that location. I always enjoyed playing it and often times won things. But apparently, Bayers Lake Cineplex in Halifax is the only one that has it. Not even the other ones in the HRM.  That was a surprise!

But oh well, the movie more than made up for that experience! It was really good and left me wanting to see Avengers: Endgame so badly when it comes out April 25th.  Good thing we still have a ton of Scene Points left and we use our Scene Visa a lot so we get tons of points fairly quickly. I am a huge fan of the Avengers and of Marvel Comics in General. Well, at least the movies anyways. I have not actually read any of the comics but maybe I’m going to have to.

We had decided we were going to the early movie at 6:50 because Yarmouth is at best an hour and 15 minutes from us and we didn’t want to drive back at like 1 a.m. We figured if we left after lunch we could get a few hours of geocaching done and so we headed to Smith’s Cove just on the other side of the Bear River Bridge and started there. I had created a list of about 20 Geocaches that were fairly easy to get in Smith’s Cove and then all the way to Yarmouth along Highway 1 (old highway). We went off into Smith’s cove and started with 3 on a dirt road.

We drove down a little way and turned onto a small side dirt road that went past a cemetery and down to a beach. There was no indication at all that it was a private road and I don’t think it was from what we read. We found the very first cache without too many issues. I forgot to get a picture of the actual cache as I was so excited we found our very first one. I got the picture above down at the beach. It looks out over the Annapolis Basin.

After that, we tried a second one where the two roads came to a junction but despite the hint and looking around for quite some time we couldn’t find it. We moved on down the road towards the third one we were going to try and get. The person who placed all three was from the area and said it is not a private road but there is a hotel on the road. Like a resort but the road itself is okay to go on. So we took that at face value but not far down a local who was wheeling a wheelbarrow back to his house stepped in front of us and indicated we roll our window down. So we did.

He then proceeded to tell us it was private property (there are about 20 or more houses on the road). Another local at another house never bothered us at all and even waved to us. We told him sorry we were geocaching and got turned around and we were just going to turn around and leave, which we did. Out of respect I would never argue and would leave when asked. I would never intend to go on someones private property, even if I know I wasn’t on it and was fine I still had no intention of arguing. But it sort of ruined the mood for us for a bit.

We left there and went to Weymouth and got some fudge at a house that sells fudge by the roadside. People have been eating her fudge for years and my grandmother used to take me over to get some when I was little and when the woman had a store and I remember it being so damn good. Well, it still is! She only makes peanut butter fudge now but it is the hard crumbly kind that melts in your mouth. Oh my God, it is good!

After that, we headed to New Edinburgh where my great-great grandparents and great-grandparents lived when my great-grandmother and grandmother were both younger. One of the houses is still there but I can’t remember if it was my great-great grandparents or my great-grandparents house. I didn’t want to stop and take a picture without asking the owners and they didn’t appear to be home so we just kept going. Just before their house though was 2 geocaches that were off the old railroad tracks that are now the Sissiboo Story Book Trail. I took the picture above on the embankment that was once a railroad bridge that was torn down some years ago. There was a geocache to the right but it was way down the embankment and we decided it was for another day. I also took the picture below from the same spot, just looking the other direction.

After that, we drove through New Edinburgh past the house that was once my great or great-great grandparents and then up through Clare County past the churches of Église St Bernard and Sainte-Marie Church in Pointe-de-l’Église and St-Alphonse-de-Clare Parish Church which I never thought to stop and get pictures of along the way. They are 3 beautiful old Catholic Churches that I love. Actually, I love Clare County and it’s high atop our list of places to purchase a house when we do. I want to be in the French community there. I love it so much. We ended up not doing any more Geocaching before and after eating because we wanted to make the earlier movie.

We stopped at Chez Jean Dairy Twirl which is one of my absolute favourite places to eat home-made Acadian and Canadian food and also they have the best ice-cream in the area. I ate light because I knew I would be getting popcorn, candy and pop at the movies. So I just had some Mozza Sticks which are my favourite. My hubby had a burger and fries. We also have a cute little place just down the road from where we live that used to be called The Hollow or Hollow Spot when I was younger that is under new management this year with a new name that I can’t remember right now and a drive-in type feel with places to park your car and an outside deck with tables and chairs and picnic tables outside. You have to walk up and order but then you can eat on the covered deck, in your car or under the shade of trees. It opens April 23rd for the summer and I can see it from my driveway so I can’t wait for it to open!

We are going to be getting our tax return money on Monday as well so we plan to get a fireplace, maybe a table and chairs and were thinking about a pool. My parents have a 3.5 or 4 foot deep, 15 in diameter quick set pool that they said we could put up here. We just have to buy a new pump for it potentially as they want to use the one that was used with it before with a bigger pool they have that they are setting up at their place. We have to check into filling it as well as we can’t find an outside tap and we’re on a well but it is artesian so we might still be able to fill it over a few days or weeks carefully. So we will see.

I can not wait for the weather to get warmer! We are also planning to take a little of my pension money from my last job and driving, camping and hiking the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton or go camping in PEI around the beginning of July as well. This summer is going to be great!