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started two new communities… and one for singles in the halifax and dartmouth area and one for mental illness. please check them out and join (if it applies to you that is) and recomend them to friends who (assuming it applies to them)..

Errg whatever!

Anyone know where I can download the english dictionary in a .dic file? Preferably for free? Or shareware or I dunno… just not too much money. I’m getting broke. My bank account is dwindling fast. I know I’ll be back to work soon but I’m to stupid to sit down and figure out if the 2 weeks are on the same paycheque etc. So that I know what I’m dealing with. I just don’t have the kind of mind that’s capable of sitting down and figuring that out. That would mean I’d need to know the pay period etc. And it’s all at work and I don’t wanna show my face there any sooner then I need to right now.

I looked up the little booklet that goes around Hali and Dartmouth every fall that has all the courses and activities for the year at the rec centers and sportsplex etc. I found a few things I’d be interested in. There was Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming, and some Art courses (specifically drawing and sketching) that I’d be interested in. One problem. Work hours will allways mess it up no matter what shifts I take for those days. And I can’t just book the day off every week. Especially certain days of the week. I already have another group the Jacqueline wants me to go to that is open ended (meaning you can go as many times as you want rather then having to be there for the whole thing, but you need to bee there for the whole time alotted for the day) and it’s again Mondays. There is no way work is going to go for it.

I told her that. She was like “well that’s your choice, just think which is more important”. Ahhh… Hello? WTF do you think? My job… She’s allways hounding me about responsibility, so yeah ok I can see it now… loose my job and go to group and live at home for life cause I have no money. Or keep my job and go to a group 2 months later on a different day a day work wont have a problem with. What the hell do you think I’m gonna do. Keep my fucking job that’s what. Umm… yeah sorry. I’m a little pissed right now can’t ya tell… [...]  READ MORE

bored, tired, hot and grumpy lol

God for Canada it’s fucking hot! Lol, granted we usually get hot hummid summers in NS but I can barely stand this it’s aweful. I feel like I’m sitting in a sauna and my window’s open as far as I can get it and still have a screen to protect against bugs and I shut my light off hoping that’ll help a bit but I really need a fan or something in here.

I think I’ve managed to make all of them mad at me now, no one is talking to me. I e-mailed Tara and apologized. I hope she’ll understand. I know I mad a large large mistake. I’m just so tired of all this. I’m worried about going back to work on July 3rd. I hope she doesn’t tell anyone. Well one person in specific or it might be all over by the time I get there (I may be wrong about that and I hope to hell I am that she’d keep it to herself, maybe I’m just being to quick to judge but she – not Tara, the other un named person – just seems like the type that might, then again after her experiance there maybe she wont and there I go assuming things again! I really have to stop that before I really hurt and piss someone off) anyways where was I? I have no idea. So anyways I think it was work I’m scared to go back for quite a few reasons. 1) If Tara is mad then it’s going to be really awkward. 2) If she told anyone I’ll feel like a total idiot and I really don’t need that. 3) I’m just scared to go back, cause everyone is going to want to know why I was gone in the first place. And I don’t want to tell them the truth. I think some of them there think I’m odd enough allready.

Ok now I’m worried. I can’t log on to get my schedule. It wont except my username and password. I hope I haven’t screwed up. I did what I was told and dropped the letter off I thought that was all I was supposed to do. I called Bethany the day I got the letter and told her they put me off of work till July 3rd. She said ok and I said when do you want me to bring in the note. She said tomorrow will be ok. Which was saturday. She actually said whenever and I said I can bring it in now and she said no tomorrow will be fine. I didn’t get in on Saturday but I did Sunday but no one called or said anything and I never thought to call. All I need now is to loose the job too. I’ll be done if that happens. I can’t take that now on top of loosing my boyfriend and the only friends I have that actually do things with me other then Tara H. [...]  READ MORE