Valley, The Lookoff & Cape Split

Today (well as it is after midnight technically it was yesterday) Edward and I hiked Cape Split in Scott’s Bay, Nova Scotia. It is 8 km each way out and back which turns out to be a 4-5 hour hike. It took us 4 hours and roughly 15 minutes. It was a beautiful but exhausting walk/hike. Neither of us had ever done it before. We love walking and hiking but have only every really done easy ones. This is classified by the provincial park system as a moderate hike. Now I know why. Wow was it ever long!

We started out at a place called The Lookoff which was on the road to Cape Split. I have taken pictures there before but not for a long time. You can see the whole Annapolis Valley from The Lookoff.


Next we drove on to Cape Split, we had some sandwiches and pop and chips that we brought with us as a picnic lunch in the car before we set out. There was no picnic tables out yet or we would have sat outside. We started out walk at 2:45 PM.

The trail went through a very woodsy area which was nice and cool and blocked out most of the sun. The weather wasn’t all that hot anyways. Only about 13°C and sunny which was perfect weather for a hike. We made sure to bring along sweaters with us and I had a windbreaker/raincoat as well.

In the beginning the trail is very rocky and uphill. I’ll be honest we thought about turning back since no washrooms were open and after 15 minutes we were already tired from the steep uphill but I was determined I wanted to keep going. There was lots of buds and some flowers. I decided to try out some close ups with the macro settings on the computer. For a first try I don’t think they turned out too bad. What do you think?

The rest of the trail evened out and turned into a lovely woods that was filled with squirrels and birds and other small animals as well as more flowers like the ones above. It was really quite beautiful and serene. It was so lush and green and honestly one of the most beautiful woods I have ever been in!

I honestly loved it, it felt like we were in a whole different world from our every day city lives

I love trees. Especially gnarled old twisty ones like the one below.

Not long after I took a picture of the tree above the woods opened up into a field of green with cliffs and ocean. The picture below was just before the green fields and was part of the path we were walking on I am standing right at the edge of it when I took the picture. I figured my vertigo and fear of heights would kick in but honestly I was fine. It was Eddie that was more cautious and he actually was telling me I was getting to close. Which I wasn’t. I was fine and was not off the path.

There was a lot of birds everywhere. Seagulls mostly. Which I love. This is my first picture of a bird in flight that really turned out and somehow I actually got 3 at once! I was really impressed with that.

The view was just amazing! I couldn’t believe I had never hiked this before. My parents and brother and I used to hike all the time when we were younger. Especially during the time we were in Germany and Calgary.

The tide was going out when we got there as you can see on the rocks. It was about 6 PM by the time we got to the edge of the cape. It was really pretty but cool and windy.

I took this next picture when I went down to get the one above, on my way back up Edward was sitting looking out over the ocean so I decided I snapped a quick picture of him before he noticed

Overall I was really happy we kept going. Even though the way back was awful at one point because I was hurting so bad, my back, knees and ankles that I didn’t know if I could go on. On top of that my blood sugar dropped suddenly but we were prepared with glucose tabs, candy (rockets) and with lots of water, peanuts, crackers, chips and popcorn. So I managed to bring it back up to a safe level and continue on. When we saw the washrooms at the end it was such a relief

On the way back we stopped in Scott’s Bay and I took a few more pictures along the road and beach area. It was starting to get dark and we still had a 2 hour drive home (yes it was 2 hours each way so on top of a 5 hour walk I drove 4 hours, Eddie was nervous to drive it so I did all the driving this time). I have to say these next two are my absolute favorites of them all and I am really proud of myself!

If you would like to look at more photos from the trip/hike you can find them here. Most of them are in this post but I think there is still a few that I did not add here.

A lot can happen in two weeks.

I can’t believe it has been more then 2 and a half weeks since I last posted. Sometimes the time goes by so fast! A lot has happened in the last two weeks. I started Lyrica a bit more then 2 weeks ago. I spent a week so sick feeling that I missed the whole week of work. I guess that was mostly from Lyrica. I had really bad vertigo, plus regular old dizziness and nausea. I spent most of it in bed. When I sat up my world rocked (and not in a good way). I felt like I was on a ship swaying from side to side, then the spinning started.

It reminded me a lot like when I was sick before. Only this time I knew it was medication induced. After about a week it stopped. I am supposed to get blood work done and have a follow up appointment 10 days from my last one but I have not got the blood work or scheduled the appointment yet. I need to soon as he only gave me 30 days and I have have taken 18 already. Gotta get my ass in gear.

I ended up at the hospital last Monday. I took the day off cause I still was not feeling well and I also had an abscess on he underside of my left breast. I am guessing it was from the under wire in by bra. It started out just being a small sore then it filled with puss and you get the idea I am sure. Monday I had to go get it drained and they gave me IV anti-biotics on top of the ones I was already taken. It is not gone but it looks and feels a lot better. It was in such a bad place and it hurt so much.

While I was at the doctors the last time he mentioned something called polymyositis after I mentioned having issues swallowing and having issues with muscle weakness. I can not get out of a chair without using my arms, my legs alone are too week. He said those were not signs of Fibromyalgia really. It’s really uncommon so I am thinking it is not that but he said he was going to add it to the possible/suspected diagnosis to send to the Rheumatologist which I have been referred to. He said that a muscle biopsy would confirm it if it is that and if not then it may be related to Fibromyalgia. The list of issues just keeps growing. It’s kind scary.

On a lighter note, guess what? I finally found the Canon EOS Rebel T5 on the website today. So I decided to apply and see if I could get financing and I got approved! So I bought it! I am so excited and happy. I really wanted a DSLR and now I will finally have one! I was looking at the Canon EOS 70D but it was almost double the price and I really should start with a more entry-level instead of mid-range one. Since I really don’t know what I am doing. I am told I take good pictures but I have very little knowledge and no training. I am told by friends and family that have a Canon EOS Rebel that they are really easy to use and learn on. So I am hoping for the best!

I am going to take some time before it arrives to read the user guide and see what other resources I can find. It also comes with 2 lenses, an EF-S 18-55mm IS II and an EF 75-300mm III lense. I also need to find a decent editing software. Any suggestions? I know the obvious is Photoshop but anyone know of anything else? Free would be great I may also set up a photo blog. I am having a hard time writing every day but maybe some sort of daily or weekly photo blog would be good.

200th post! + More vertigo and pain.

So my last post was number 200 since March 12th, 2013 when this blog first started. I honestly can’t believe I have had that many. 200 posts in 2 years. Definitely doesn’t work out to one a day, one every 3-4 days maybe? I don’t know… Math’s not my strong point

I started the blog a while back to keep track of my symptoms and journey after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Vertigo. I would love to say they are completely under control. They were for about a year, but the last few months they have been back. I just haven’t been blogging much about them.

It started back around August of 2014. When I got sick with that cough and they thought I had whooping cough. In the last 7 months my vertigo seems to have been slowly coming back and now it is bad enough that I am loosing my balance and falling again and getting nauseous.

The chronic pain is back as well. I constantly feel uncomfortable and my joints and muscles seem to hurt a lot. I have not really had an redness or swelling that I have noticed but find it increasingly more difficult to lay, sit or stand in one place for any length of time.

I am so bad at night the Cory has never came back in the bed from when I was sick a few months ago. I am constantly waking up and having to move. Even the new mattress did not help more then a few weeks. I get sensations of falling, sudden jerks (at night followed by the falling sensation) and feeling disoriented and nauseous almost on a daily basis again.

The pain keeps me up at night, makes me irritable and moody. I am missing work again (not nearly as much as last time), I am trying to push past it and keep going. I don’t like to be touched. Simply touching my wrist or shoulder can send me screaming in pain. I am so tired. Some days it’s a struggle to get out of bed but I am determined to push past it and think about other things.

I am coping with it better then I was before. I know what to expect this time I guess from having gone through it so bad the first time. I am being referred to the Atlantic Dizziness and Balance Institute again and also a Rheumatologist to try and see if we can get farther then last time and see if I can get back into physio. My family doctor suggested massage but honestly I don’t know if I can stand having anyone touch me right now.

I am not looking forward to it to starting the whole doctor thing again. Last time I saw a few different doctors all with their own opinions and no concrete answers. Just the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia which half of them didn’t even believe in. I am hoping that this time they may be able to come up with some concrete evidence of something. But I don’t want to get my hopes up to much.