Take Two…

Ok I don’t know whatever happened to that *sinking* feeling. But it’s long gone! I had an ok day at work. It wasn’t particularly bad and wasn’t particularly good. 3 more people left. And it was Julies last day. I gave her a hug lol. She was like “come here and give me a hug!” so I did. I’m going to miss her. She’s the closest to a friend that I had there. Her and Charlene, and Jacqueline. She asked for my MSN so I wrote it down and she said she’d add me tonight and talk to me sometime tomorrow.

It’s sad. All the people I like there are gone or leaving. But it opens up some new opportunities to meet knew people who haven’t heard to much about me from other people there I hope. Not that they really (other then Tara) have anything to say cause other then Jacqueline no one knew me before. And Jacqueline knew all along anyways. And she’s never said anything. So maybe this’ll give me a chance to make new friends? I know there is a few people who are quite friendly towards me so now it’s my turn.

So when I got home Dan was on MSN and he asked what I was up to tonight. I said not much. And I said I had thought about seeing if I could use the van and go for a bit of a drive somewhere. I asked what he was up to and he said nothing. I asked if he wanted to come along and he said sure. So I picked him and and we drove and talked and talked and talked some more. It’s so easy to talk to him. I feel like there is nothing holding me back. We talked a lot about things and we really had a good time. We got some Taco Bell and parked in the parking lot there and just chatted some more and held hands and cuddled. Another cuddler! We’re hard to find. Again when I took him home he kissed me!

This time I was not surprised cause I was hoping it would happen. It was amazing! I really like him a lot. And he seems to feel the same. I think there is definetly something there. For once I am confident that there is. I’m not left wondering. He said he really liked me a lot. I don’t feel like I’m pressured into anything I don’t want. I’ve only ever felt that one other time before and it didn’t count since there was no feelings on the other side. He is so sweet and seems to really care what I think. I feel like a school girl with her first crush. It’s kinda cute. Kinda scary. And very exciting.

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