That would scare anyone I suppose… right?

I’m so tired and cranky after last night. Read the last post if you haven’t to find out what happened… Denton never really went back to sleep. The dog was up too. And I just kept dreaming… It’s really getting annoying. I don’t like this place. I don’t like this house. It makes me really uneasy. This area just scares me. I just feel really uneasy and on the edge all the time when I’m home. I don’t know if it has to do with my family. The house. Or what. All I know is I have to leave for work in a while and I’m not comfortable going and leaving them here. Last night scared the shit out of me. There was definetly someone in this house. And it wasn’t the dog, Mom, Denton or I. And it was very real. That scares me more. I could handle it if I wasn’t so sure it wasn’t something real. I don’t wanna work nights this next two weeks. I just feel like something isn’t right. I can’t shake that feeling. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Maybe I’m just being overly dramatic… Maybe. After all that would scare anyone I suppose… right?

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