The black cat

We have somehow acquired a black cat. We noticed him (I don’t know why but he just feels like a “him” to me) a few months ago when Max was at my Mom and Dad’s in Digby (230km away). The cat showed up shortly after Cory’s friend Rodney came over one day and seems to come and go whenever he comes over. Your probably wondering what the heck I am talking about right now… he’s not a live cat. A ghost. That’s right. We have a ghost cat.

So here’s the story. A few months ago we had to have some work done in our apartment. We aren’t supposed to have animals. So, Max got shipped off to Mom and Dad’s for the time being, until our land lord finished and we could safely sneak him back in. That night, I took Max half way to Kentville, NS to meet my parents. While I was gone Cory’s friend Rodney came over to use our internet.

He was gone by the time I got back from my 2 hour drive, however it seems he left something behind. We crawled into bed that night at about the same time. We were talking as we do a lot of nights before we fall asleep (when we’re not doing other things ) and we felt Max jump up on the bed and we could hear him purring. All of a sudden we shut right up! We realized Max was not there and was in fact hundreds of kilometers away! I looked down at the bottom of the bed and there was an indent like there would have been when Max had just gotten up after cuddling at the bottom of the bed in the blankets. We brushed it off.

The next day I cleaned the whole apartment from top to bottom and hid all traces of Max deep in a closet in the bedroom and in the trunk of my car, far away from where the landlord would be going. I cleaned all the counters, cleaned all the walls, all the windows and counters and surfaces. I dusted everything, I vacuumed the couches and bedroom and threw the comforter in for a wash. I don’t know why but whenever I have notice my landlord (anywhere I’ve lived) is coming I clean like I’ve never cleaned before.

Well this time was even more important. I had to get rid of all evidence of the rug rat (cat) as well. I vacuumed the floors (all laminate wood or linoleum tiling), then swept and ran a mop over them a few times. Cleaned and stuck the litter box and cat bowl and all that in the back of my car. Everything was put away. I even had a friend come over and see if she could tell. She said no.

So the landlord came. He was also doing an inspection of the bathroom, the water heater and all the windows for damage, leakage, mold, etc. While in the living room checking out the patio door he turned around and froze. He said “Where’d that cat go?”. I said “What cat?”. He says “the black one, I just saw it”. I really did look at him funny. Max is grey with white. There is no mistaking him for black. I said again “What cat?”. So he points and there on the floor, as if a cat had walked through a slightly wet litter box, was grey chalky cat foot prints!

I must have gone white. The landlord said “Are you okay?”. I said I was and we looked all over the place. No cat. Now I was even wondering, did one sneak in, was I going nuts, was he going nuts? No… we both saw the foot prints. I even mopped them up in front of him. He didn’t even seem to be fazed. Never even said “You know you aren’t supposed to have pets”. I think he felt my unease.

After that, Cory and I felt the “cat” jump up on the bed a few more times over the next few days and weeks. Then one Monday before I got off from work Cory was alone. He was cleaning up the kitchen and getting supper ready for when I got home. In our dining room there is a deep freeze that is close to a window. Max likes to jump up and sit in the window sill. Sometimes he jumps straight down from there and other times he jumps on the deep freeze then down. His weight on the deep freeze makes a sound. Cory, all alone and facing the other direction hears that sound. He freezes and swings around and catches a black or dark cat out of the corner of his eye. He looks around the corner and there is nothing there. The bedroom and bathroom door was closed. There was no where for it to go. It was just gone…

A few days after that incident Rodney came over again. I was home. I was in the bedroom and when I came out a shadow jumped out at me from around the corner and I squealed. The guys came running. I explained and Rodney looked at me funny. He said “We have a black ghost cat we see all the time, we haven’t seen him in a few weeks”. We determined the last time he was at our place was the last time he saw it and the first time we saw it. That night it all stopped. For about 3 solid weeks. In the meantime Max came home.

One Friday a few weeks ago Rodney was over again to use the internet. He brought the cat back with him. Max hisses and spazzes as if there is another cat here. He will be asleep on our feet and we can feel the weight of him. Then all of a sudden the other cat jumps up and we hear him hissing and growling and I swear sometimes I hear the other cat as well. Even Cory says he has caught the other cat again out of the corner of his eye when Max was plainly in view and Max’s eyes just follow it. I wonder how long it’s here to stay for this time :?

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  1. That’s sort of how we got our boston terrier. He just showed up, broke INTO the pen our dogs were in. Multiple times. Still does to this day, actually! We figured after two weeks, he was ours & my boyfriend has grown incredibly attached to his sweet, smart lil self!

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