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I have been trying to come up with a side project for weeks. One thing I have noticed over the years is that as time goes by I am having a harder and harder time with coming up with blog posts. Sometimes I go weeks, months or even years. Yes… years without posting. I don’t want to get rid of the domain or blog ever. It’s part of who I am. It’s something I have enjoyed doing for about 20 years. I started blogging during a very dark time in my life which I am not going to get into because that is not what this post is about but it has helped me tremendously during the years and then more recently just as a way to unwind and try to show some of my creativity and express my thoughts.

Anyways, back to the subject, sorry got a bit sidetracked there. So I was having trouble coming up with an idea and while doing some thinking I came to the conclusion that maybe I was thinking too hard. Maybe I should just do something that has already been done but revamp it and give it a unique twist. Something along the lines of BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo if anyone even remembers or knows what that is. So I decided to create The BloggerHop.

I wanted a way for myself and other bloggers like myself to be able to discover new blogs, find new interests, and maybe even connect with some past bloggers they’ve maybe lost track of. There are a ton of self-hosted blog directories out there and there is always the links pages on the blogs that you love but I thought why not make it more fun, interactive and interesting.

Basically, The BloggerHop is a project designed to help bloggers find new blogs and bloggers that they share interests with as well as prompts to help get conversations going. The concept is not new and has been around for years where bloggers post what some call memes or prompts with a question, a topic or something similar on their blog to get others thinking and posting and then the members of the blogger hop go around reading the other bloggers blogs and leaving comments and discovering new blogs and maybe reconnecting with bloggers they’ve lost track of or newcomers to blogging.

By registering at The BloggerHop you can participate even further by leaving a comment on the prompt post with a link to your own blog for other bloggers to discover as well as you can be a contributor to the weekly prompts via guest bloggers who can do the prompt for the week for further exposure to their own blog. All prompts will be added to a master list of prompts by week, year and month so that you can also look through them to use them as ideas and prompts for further posts if you’d like. Each person who participates will link The BloggerHop inviting their readers to join.

I’m really excited to get this project up and running and hope that everyone who reads my blog will join! I will post the prompts here on my blog each week as well under The Bloggerhop category. I will post tomorrow about the first prompt as I am too tired tonight and really need to go to bed

The BloggerHop

2 thoughts on “The BloggerHop

  1. That is such a great idea Kirsten! I really like the bunny logo (and bunnies.) I have a question about it, do the prompts have to be done that week, or can they be done at any time?

    I feel you though, I think that for me I have subjects I want to write about but nothing comes to mind, or like on Tuesday when I post or publish something comes up, like this week I had a headache. One of the things I have done for me is having a few blogs written up in the draft section for just timing like this. Since that blog was actually written in February after my stepdad died and I already had two rants/blogs posted so I didn’t want to do three in a row. I figure if youtubers can make videos and not post them right away, I could do the same with blogs

    I also get you on not posting, like my site came back last year after being on hiatus for two years, and while I didn’t blog like I do now, it was still felt like something was missing those two years, so while my site is different now, it’s still me

    1. Thanks! Ideally, you’d want to do each weeks prompt for it to work, if you miss any it’s no big deal. If the topic is something you can’t or don’t want to write about that’s fine you can just skip it and join in again the next week. You can use past prompts from previous weeks if you just need ideas at any time just for a regular blog post (this obviously will be a little harder in the beginning until there is a larger list of past prompts.

      I do the same thing a lot of the time. I might create a post but feel it’s not the right time to post it so I just leave it there and post it later. I also write up and schedule posts when I know I have more time to write and schedule them when I know I would have less time to post. But mostly I just write them as they happen since my blog is mostly about what I am doing and not so much a niche such as a lifestyle or food blog, etc.

      I have had for a long time now and I have had a few times where I just unintentionally stop posting. Life happens and I just don’t have time or don’t feel like it and before I know weeks or months pass. I have it auto-renewing for both the domain and hosting so that I don’t lose it on a card I don’t typically use much so I know there is always room on it otherwise there has been times I might have just said the heck with it and moved on.

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