The End of Summer

I noticed tonight that it is starting to get dark before 9 PM. Seems like summer is almost over. That brings out mixed emotions in me since I have been pretty much house bound for the last two and a half weeks.

On one hand I am extremely sad that summer is almost over and that I will not get to go swimming at the beach or at a lake again this summer. On the other hand I am excited for fall and ready for the 30° weather to go away. I am sure I will regret that since the winter is supposed to be an especially brutal one. Last winter was bad but this one is supposed to be worse.

I am looking forward to Autumn. I have to say it is my favorite time of year. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a paranormal (by that I mean mostly ghosts) freak I am. I am looking forward to Halloween and to the Haunted Corn Maze, the Haunted Houses and to the Scarecrow Festival and Antique Fair of Mahone Bay. There are a few haunted corn mazes around but plan on hitting up the one in Truro for sure. I will check and see if I can bring my camera. I believe they are not allowed but I can probably get some shots on my iPhone.

Here are a few photos from the 2010 Scarecrow Festival, which I know is not the last time I was there but I can not find any other images for some reason:

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Overall I am doing better. I am still coughing a lot when I get up and move around. If I sit stationary on the couch during the day I can limit the episodes to just a few and they are not all that bad. But as much as getting a shower causes me to cough till I throw up. I am also bringing up lots of phlegm (ewww).

Nights are not the greatest. I feel like I am constantly struggling to breath (that would be the asthma and not the whooping cough) and having 8-10 coughing fits a night, that I remember anyways. I have been sleeping mostly on the couch because in bed I can’t stand laying down. It feel like my lungs are filling with fluid and I cough up more stuff that way, so couch it is.

It’s only Wednesday so I still have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before I go back to work. So 4 more days of rest. I am sure I will likely be able to do some emails rather then calls at first to ease back into things. If I find it bad I will go back to the doctor and see if he can put me on 6 hour shifts for a bit. I’ll just have to wait and see. I am 11am-7pm next week so it is a nice mid-day shift, not too early.

I know it’s going to be a bit of a long recovery and I don’t want to overdo it but I am getting anxious to get back to work. I am also dreading it a little. I hate answering the same question over and over and I know everyone will be asking.

I am getting ready for a long night on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix until I fall asleep.

Oh and my best friend Erin started a new website called Powerful Food, she is a nutritionist and plans on having recipes, blogging about food and is setting up her own business as a paid consultant. You do not have to be local. She is really good and has been doing this for years. So if you love food and are passionate about health check her out.

4 thoughts on “The End of Summer

  1. We were talking about that at work today, but I think most are thinking it’ll be a mild winter because of El Nino out in the pacific. For me, it’s going to be cold no matter what happens. Also, I giggled when I read your degrees because I almost forgot you do everything in celsius

    Anyways, it’s good to hear/read that you are feeling better and that you’re getting better and know for sure that it was whooping cough. Let’s hope you never have a scare like that again, at least not for a little while

    1. We are being told by all of our meteorologists, farmer’s almanac etc that it is going to be long and cold. I just hope that either way my car is not harder then the last one to get up our road in a snow storm. I think getting to and from work is my main concern this winter. I just don’t have any idea what this car is going to be like in the snow, especially since I do not have enough to put winter tires on it, it does have brand new all season tires though.

      I am also hopping no scares like that again. Whooping cough sucks but at least I know why I was so sick and why I have a lingering cough!

  2. I’m like you, I love the autumn but I’m also worrying about the winter, especially now since this year has been nothing but extreme weather. The winter was fine, but then the summer almost came in April with 20 degrees, We had 25 degrees in May, 30-34 in July for several weeks, and August has been thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls. I wonder if the winter will be like the extreme years of 2009 and 2010. I’m not looking forward to that.
    I didn’t know Grey’s was on Netflix btw… I’d like to see season 7 or if it’s 8 that I haven’t seen. But I think my mother has them all on DVD anyway.

    1. We had an unusually long summer and the heat was bad but the humidity has been worse other years, that is what is the worst around here, it is not the heat it is the humidity. I am hopping that we have a mild winter, as much as I like snow, I hate driving in it!

      Yeah Grey’s is on the American Netflix, I use Chrome so I use the Hola extension to change to whatever country I want, works great for Pandora too which we can not get in Canada at this time.

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