the weirdest night ever

Ever had something happen that is so odd and just so out there that you’d not have believed it if other family members (and the police!) were there? Well last night was one of those nights. We ended up with 2 Halifax Police officers at our house at 5 this morning. It started about 2:30 for me. I woke up with the weirdest feeling like I had a horrible dream but I couldn’t remember it. So I went back to sleep. I started dreaming again. I dreamed that I went downstairs for some reason and the back door was wide open. So I closed it and turned around to go upstairs but thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. So I went upstairs then heard a noise and went back downstairs. Nothing but the door (which I had closed and locked) was wide open again. I woke up at this point because the dog was barking at the basement door (though I thought he was in my room barking at my door). I hear mom put him outside. Anyways I rolled over and then I must have gone back to sleep.

I started dreaming again. This time the phone was ringing in the dead of the night. I picked it up and this guy on the other end says “What are you doing?” In a drunken sounding voice. I say “Trying to sleep, asshole.” and hang up. Then he calls again and is just mumbling. This happen like 4 or five times and I get really annoyed. I wake up again. This time to the sound of the phone ringing. I look at the clock. It’s 3:45. My mom answers the phone and I here her say “Trying to sleep, asshole.” I get the oddest sense of deja vu but say nothing. The phone rings again about 10-15 minutes later. Again she picks up. Same thing. This time she starts yelling at him. Saying to stop calling it’s 4 in the morning and we’re trying to sleep and he has the wrong number. So 10 or so minutes later it rings again. Thoroughly pissed this time I pick up. And it’s the guy from the dream! “What are you doing?”. I freak. Slam the phone down. 10-15 min later it rings again. At this time we are really pissed and mom picks up again and says “What the fuck do you want”. Supposedly he mumbles something and she hangs up. We debate what to do. The phone rings a 5th time in less then an hour. She lets it ring while I go on aliants website to find out how to trace a call.

While that’s going on we here a door slam in the basement. So I get up take the dog and go downstairs. The door is wide open! Again I’m getting this not so nice feeling of deja vu. And I turn and see something out of the corner of my eye. Thinking I’m just on edge from the dream I close and lock it and as I go upstairs I hear shuffling and the lock turn and the door open and close. I hightail my ass upstairs and tell mom and she calls 911. She explains to them that she put the dog out cause she thought that he had to go pee and (since I didn’t know this part it was news to me) the dog freaked and tried to take of around the house barking his head off. She gets him in. He never goes pee. Not normal for the dog. And she says to them about me going downstairs and the door and everything (dreams not mentioned since I never told her. I still haven’t mentioned it. She’d either be really freaked or think I’m nuts… or both) and asks if someone can be sent out just to check it out cause she’s alone with her to children and a little uneasy. So they say they’ll send the police. While we sit in her room waiting we here footsteps outside and what sounds like someone trying the other doors. Finally after what seemed like hours the cops get here.

While they are checking out the downstairs one cop is going down the stairs and hears the door open. He radios his partner saying go around back. So he does and they meet. Doors open again! One checks the basement and the other checks the yard. Nothing. He suggests maybe someone tried to break in and we must have scared them. The phone calls well… I guess they were just a bonus??

So other then the dream being backwards. The calls first then the door. And the fact mom took most of them I only answered one. My dream came true to the utmost (and very fucking scary) degree… Needless to say no one slept the rest of the night. The cops have been back around ever 30-40 min since they left. And they called once to make sure things were ok. They said they really did think someone had been downstairs…

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