The Winter Blues

Anyone else tend to suffer really hard from the winter blues? I know I tend to. Each year I start the winter with high hopes that I will get out, go skating, go sledding, go skiing or snowboarding and keep active and busy and beat the winter blues. Unfortunately that never seems to happen or very seldom. Sometime around the half way mark I go from wonder at the first few seriously pretty snow falls, which I always tend to look forward to at this time of year, to just being fed up with it all and wanting so so so damn bad to be warm again!

Last winter was a particularly brutal one. We had a number of paralyzing snow storms which brought the whole city to a grinding hault. It usually happens at least once a year every year but last year it seemed to be endless. There are other years in my recent memories like that as well. For me, I think the worst thing, and sometimes the best thing, depending on how you look at it, is still having to go to work, despite the fact that my car is buried in a 10 foot snow drift that I have to spend 3 hours shoveling out of before I hit endlessly treacherous roads where I slip and slide my way into the parking lot, only to have to do the whole thing over again to drive the few blocks home. Seems pointless… why do I not just walk you say? Come on… I know that’s what your thinking.

Well, the honest truth is I did that last year and ended up on crutches for 4 whole months because of trying. I live in a very hilly and very treacherous city to walk in. We fight every year to have them clean off the sidewalks only for them to run out of budget to do so 2 weeks into the winter. After that, you are on your own. Walk at your own risk is pretty much the idea. Cause you usually end up having to walk on the street and compete with oncoming cars who struggle to stay on the road and not hit anything… usually pedestrians. It’s just not fun.

So to combat the winter blues, what do I have planned for this year? What have I aspired to do this year, that like every other year ends up getting forgotten 1/3 of the way through the winter? Something a little more simple. I just plan on 3 one hour sessions a week at the gym. If I loose weight, yay! If not, then at least I am a little more active then normal. I would really love if I actually did get down to the Oval or to Ski Martock or Wentworth. But if not then at least the Canada Games Center will help keep me active. As long as I push myself to go.

Another thing I have planned? Get my shopping done this month and in the first 2-3 weeks of December. Not on December 23rd as I always end up doing. Already I have one person (my brother) almost done and on Friday I plan on finishing him off and moving on to my boyfriend and best friend and my parents. The next pay after that I plan on my boyfriends parents, his brother and sister. I wonder if I can do it. I only have 3 pays left before Christmas. Shopping is so much fun! The stepped on toes, the shopping cart bruises, the endless malls of people in a hurry to go no where, even so… It’s still fun. And not to mention the commercials. They are actually one of my favorite things about early winter. I love the holiday commercials, Sears and Walmart really seem to have it down. Almost makes you forget the hectic-ness you will encounter in stores. Amen for online shopping!

For myself I usually tend to buy more scented products like apple pie, brown sugar, peppermint, candy apple, vanilla bean etc around this time of year. Lotions, bubble baths, candles and what have you. I find the scents really act great as pick me ups when you are feeling tired and warn out from trudging through too much snow, or coming in from the worlds worst freezing rain (combined with the salty sea air it can be so hard on your car, your skin, your clothing) or slush. I plan a lot of long bubble baths, the purchase of a new heated blanket (since the old one stopped working sometime over the summer, due to some unknown circumstance), and lost of flannel.

This the season for salt, snow, slush and cold and flu season. Got your shots? I know I got mine!

Am I excited? Yeah for now. Who knows when that’ll fade away and I will once again wish for the warm, sultry, sunny summertime and beaches and barbecues. But for now, bring on the winter! Blues and all! I am ready.

NaBloPoMo November 2014 – Day #16

6 thoughts on “The Winter Blues

  1. I despise the cold but can usually tolerate it during the holidays. Once Christmas and New Years passes I am over it and just want summer. Maybe it’s because all the lights and decorations make winter feel magical. After that it’s just icky and cold.

    1. I have to completely agree with your there, it is magical up till New Years Day and then it’s just “let’s get this over with” and “where the heck is summer??”.

      I don’t do well in cold. I am always getting sick and I am always falling on ice and I really feel the cold in my bones, my fibromyalgia makes me really susceptible to temperature changes.

  2. I do not wonder why you don’t walk etc in the winter. I think snow is nice and pretty only for photography and to get some variation in the weather. I’m a total winter hater and after Christmas is over I want the snow to disappear and to have spring.
    Snow means risking life and limbs when you go out. I hate having to slide around, I want to be able to relax and walk normally.

    However, with our Novembers I always get to a point when I want the snow to come. Just to have some variation. I’ve seen enough dampness and darkness for the last few weeks.
    I also got myself a gym card, there is a new gym in town that seems good, and the location is perfect. Something to focus on when it’s too dreary outside.

    1. Very true usually in November I am looking forward to the snow.. however by January I am ready for spring and summer again. I hate walking in the snow most of the time. You really do have to risk life and limb most of the time.

  3. Have you tried yak-traks? They are suppose to give better support for walking on icy-ness (not that I’m encouraging you too), but if you find you want to try again or just do outside walking in general, you might look into those. It’s like a stretchy band that you wrap around the bottom of your shoe. I have a pair, but haven’t used them extensively.

    And I hate the winter blues. We got our first snowfall at the beginning of October and no snow since then. But we’ve been hittin -15F already. This is one of the first times I’ve been here where the snow is behind schedule. I really want to hit the slopes this year in the local area, so I hope old man winter wakes up and gets in gear!

    1. No I have never tried yak-traks. I have heard of them though or seen a commercial or something I think. I guess a pair would be helpful for getting around in the snow and ice.

      We got some more snow overnight, not a lot but even though people here should be used to it by now they aren’t and everyone panics or forgets how to drive safely suddenly. There was a pile of accidents this morning apparently.

      I haven’t hit the slopes in a few years. I miss it. Do you ski or snowboard or both?

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