tired and sore

God, am I ever tired and sore this morning. Feel like I was hit by a 18 wheeler. Went out last night and didn’t go home till 3:30-3:45am this morning. Had fun though. Can’t stop yawning and look like I was up all night (suppose I technically was..).

This morning when I woke up I was fairly sore still. My head hurts like hell still. And it’s not my neck, back or sholders but sorta across the base of my neck where the three meet. It hurts like hell. By the time I got to work I couldn’t move my head up or down or from side to side. And my shoulders and upper arms as well as the upper part of my back and neck are killing me still.

You’d think that after almost 5 days it would be gone or getting better… I didn’t do anything to cause it. Didn’t hurt myself as far as I know. But the headaches are so violent that I have problems seeing. It goes all blurry and sometimes just black… It’s scary. I was even having problems talking today. Like stuttering over things and just odd stuff. At one point Bethany asked me if I was ok. I said yes why? She said. You just look in pain. I was… I am…

I hate complaining about it. I hate worrying about it. But I just went to the doctors like 2 times in 2 weeks. I don’t wanna go again. She’s gonna start thinking that I’m a hypocondriak or something… But damn no one should have to live with pain like this. I can’t focus. I can’t do simple tasks. I space out. It just hurts so bad that I wanna curl up in a ball.

I’m not sure how much longer I can take it. Last night was the first refrain I got from it in days. And that was mostly out of keeping myself busy and just trying to ignore it. But it doesn’t work long. Plus a massage and some tylonal helped a little. The massage more then the tylonal.

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