Top ten songs listened to while working.

I was working on emails all day today and listening to music on my iPhone, so I figured I would share my top 10 songs I have listened to lately:

1. The Monster Ft. Rhianna – Eminem
2. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey
3. Royals – Lorde (US Version)
4. Let Her Go – Passenger
5. 3 Foot Tall – Classified
6. Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra)
7. Wicked Games (Explicit) – The Weeknd
8. Some Night – Fun.
9. Wake Me Up – Avicii
10. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

I find that listening to music when working has always helped me be more productive, I am faster at getting emails out, I get more emails done and they are just as good quality wise as if I was not listening to music. Since most of our emails are template responses anyway, it really makes no difference.

Listening to music while writing anything always seems to help inspire me and I seem to have more creativity. Anyone else find this?

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6 thoughts on “Top ten songs listened to while working.

  1. Omg this playlist! Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Avicii… It’s perfect. I love The Weeknd so much, and Lana too. Definitely two of my favorite artists. When it comes to music I’m a little addicted, lol.

    Listening to music can either make me more productive or slow me down. Sometimes it slows me down because I focus too much on the lyrics of the music, but I listen to a lot of Two Steps From Hell when it comes down to writing/reading/doing homework. It’s all instrumental, and just becomes background music that keeps me free from distractions. Definitely love it!

  2. I find this, as well. If I get piled with a bunch of stuff to write up, then I stick my earphones in and my work disappears in a puff. It’s so relaxing

    Lorde is such a chill person to work to. PS. I love the snow on your site!

    1. Thanks and yes Lorde is great to work to. Today I was so into doing work with my earphones in that I stayed 25 minutes after my shift without even realizing it haha

  3. I too am far more productive when it comes to writing, blogging and working when I’m playing music. It makes it easier to pass the time. Especially instrumental music (just like Sydney) and “new age” stuff along the lines of Dead Can Dance helps me get in the right mindset when it comes to working.

    Oh… and I know this is totally unrelated to your post but I just wanted to apologise for taking so gosh darn long to finally return your comments. I’ve been reading and enjoying your posts almost on a daily basis but haven’t gotten around to commenting yet because of some private funk going on.

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