Tree & more Christmas lights

We bought a 4 ft artificial Christmas tree last year. Cory put it on a end table that is about a foot high so we now have a small Christmas tree. Which is nice. Since I moved out on my own I have only had a Christmas tree in my apartment once 3 years ago. Max decided it was a great hiding spot. He was only about 2 months old. Needless to say he is much bigger now and  4 ft tree does not stand to well against him.


The video below was the second time he knocked it down in one day (last week sometime). Needless to say I was not impressed with him! His reaction was kinda funny though and I am glad I got it on video.

Cory and I went out for a drive last night around Halifax to see the Christmas Lights. This is something that my family has done every year since I can remember and a few weeks ago Cory and I along with my brother Denton and my parents went for a drive around Digby and I took some pictures.

I really wanted to go around here though, since we didn’t really get to do it last year or the year before. My friend Erin and I have gone a few years. This I think was the first time Cory and I went alone… Wow, I cant believe Christmas is next week. Time goes by so fast sometimes. Anyways here are the pictures from last night.





















They turned out pretty good I think considering I used my iPhone 5c again. My camera wont even turn on now. It drains batteries in about a minute flat, not even time to fully turn on . So mad…

3 thoughts on “Tree & more Christmas lights

  1. I used to love going around the blocks and looking at the Christmas lights. However, when I was young I lived at the end of Christmas lane. Took us an hour just to get home and people would literally park their cars in front of our driveway (which is a no no) and sometimes on our lawn (again a big no no). I do think that seeing the same lights year after year got boring to me. So I don’t look at them as much. I get excited when I see something new.

    When I lived in my own apartment I was given two fake Christmas trees and used silver and blue. I guess my theme was a Jewish/ Christian theme. My apartment looked really nice. I just don’t care much for Christmas as I used too. I dunno.

    1. I guess it would not be as much fun if you live so close to all those Christmas lights all your life. We always had to drive to them. I would hate people blocking my driveway or parking on my lawn. That would suck!

      I don’t know why I love blue and silver on a Christmas tree but I really do. It’s just so pretty!

  2. Wow, some people really do go all out with their lights. I love looking at them. What a great tradition Merry belated Christmas!

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