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I was playing around last night and decided to create a blog on tumblr, it was inspired by my cousin who seems to use hers just to reblog or blog pictures, quotes, paintings etc that inspire her. Something you can look back on a bad day and make yourself smile. Check it out:


My visit with my parents was very brief yesterday. I was going to go to the hospital with them but it was pooring out and they were unsure how far away from the hospital they would have to park, so we decided it was best if I didn’t go. I am going to New Brunswick with them for Easter to visit my Great Grandmother anyways. She turned 105 in Feb!

Cory and I went for a bit of a drive this afternoon, I drove and did okay but now my knee really hurts. Not ready yet. We visited some friends of his that just moved out to the country. They just drove to NB yesterday and brought home some chickens, quail, pheasants a turkey and some domestic Canada Geese (I always thought they were illegal to own or sell but I guess not?) and are getting some pigs soon. The geese were really cool. They talk to you! They actually honk in answer. It was really amazing to see. Apparently they are quite loving.

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