god i can’t eat anything anymore. it makes me feel like i’m gonna die…

i’m so bored. wont be for long. back to work tomorrow. gonna be busy busy busy. specially once the hurricane hits. seems like phillipe *may* miss us… hopefully. i’m not too good at reading the noaa maps so maybe i’m wrong… it’s heading strait for us but it looks like it’s curving some?… can only hope. with katrina people were calling up on sunday (the day before) and filing claims. with rita people are calling up a full 2-3 days ahead of time. fairly safe for some in the path to assume they’ll have damage i suppose. at least most people seem to be heeding the warnings to get the hell out. i talked to a woman in new orleans the other day who went back to survey her damage and found the bodies of her whole neighbors family in the reckage of her house. hopefully for their sakes and our it wont be like that this time. maybe people have learned their lessons not to mess with nature?

sorry bout the lack of caps. can’t be bothered. i’m half ready to fall off my chair. despite that things are going well. i did nothing again for the 3rd day strait. guess i’ll make up for it over the next 72 or so hours though. promises to be a busy weekend and early week. i need to find something to do with some of my spare time. i really want to get back into horse back riding. i’m on a waiting list for the halifax junior bengal lancers adult classes. but it’s like $185 a month for 8 lessons. 2 a week. for 4 weeks. seems like a lot of money but honestly it’s like $23 a lesson and i paid $21 a lesson in 1990 15 years ago so it hasn’t changed much.

i know i should be saving money up. and i still plan on doing it and going back to school. i haven’t even decided on the riding yet. i’d have to by a helmet which isn’t gonna be cheap (i honestly don’t have a clue anymore how much they cost. i think i still have my old one but i’m sure it probably doesn’t fit) plus boots. they can be the cheaper rubber ones for now not leather but they’ll still cost some too. i want to do it so bad though! i miss it so much. i really really do. it’s one thing that’s been on my mind for so long. i loved it so much. like all of it. not just the riding which i loved. but horses in general. i loved having one (we leased one for a year and my parents bought one for me when i was in calgary but we sold it after i fell cause it was gonna be a good year before i’d be able to get back in the saddle and i wasn’t sure i wanted too), i loved taking care of it. grooming, mucking out stalls, etc. of course the stables were paid to do a lot of the work but i did some too. more then i had to cause i loved being around diablo (yes he was named the devil!).

i’m obsessed with music i never used to listen too or haven’t in a long time. barenaked ladies (thanks juju :p), linkin park, live, the tea party, evanescence (again thanks juju :p lol) and for some odd reason anything from the musical rent. i want to see it so bad! oddly enough.

god my mind is just wandering all over the place. i can’t seem to do anything yet i want to do everything…

i’ll leave you with lyrics from linkin park that i love

and i give it all away
just to have somewhere to go to
give it all away
to have someone to come home to

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