I’ve been neglecting this a bit lately. I just have no idea right now how to put my feelings and thoughts into words. I’m doing much better. I feel a lot better. And I don’t really like writing much about my every day life. It’s just not that interesting really. I still feel so lonely sometimes. I just can’t figure out why. I can’t move without tripping over people everywhere I go. Yet I have such a hard time just “connecting” with most of them.

At work especially. I just can’t seem to be “all there” all the time. I’m off in my own little world (which people have noticed and commented on). I just can’t get into it and I’m sure it’s affecting my job a little. I make mistakes I shouldn’t. But it’s so hard to concentrate on what I’m doing. It’s easier sometimes to day dream then to face reality, reguardless of what that reality is.

Right now I’m sorta sitting here listening to music and I’m still not really here. Where am I? Who knows. I just can’t keep my mind on anything in particular. It’s that racing thoughts thing again. I can’t seem to grab ahold of any in particular there just there and *swimming* around in my head. Hmmm…. that sounds a little crazy. But whatever. Never said I wasn’t *crazy*.

Well I suppose I should pay a bit more attention to Robyn, my little cousin. She’s calling out to me…

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