Update: Still on crutches

I figured it’s time for an update. I haven’t felt much like picking up my laptop because I am so uncomfortable. It’s been more then two and a half weeks since my fall and I am still on crutches. The x-rays came back with no apparent fractures. I am still in a lot of pain in my knee and ankle both and still a considerable amount of pain in my back, neck, shoulder and pretty much most of my left side. I can’t put much weight on my leg and if I do I am in a lot of pain afterward. My doctor wants me off work due to the pain and fact that I still can not put weight on my leg for a while longer. He has me off until at least July 9th for now.

I started physiotherapy yesterday. The physiotherapist confirmed that my ACL and Meniscus seem to be intact but feels I have a grade 2 sprain and partial tearing in my MCL and that I have a grade 2 eversion sprain and possible tearing to the ligaments on the inside of my ankle. He wants me to remain non-weight bearing for another week or  so and then toe touch and then partial weight bearing as tolerated but not to overdue for the next week or two after. He also taped up my knee. Which may not seem like a lot but it really helps with the swelling, as my knee was really swollen before. You could clearly see the fluid on my knee. Luckily I don’t have much bruising and the swelling in my ankle is minimal but still there.

He was concerned about the fact that I have an eversion sprain (sprain to the inside instead of outside of the ankle) as he said usually that is associated with a fracture at the end of the fibula. I don’t really understand that as when I looked it up the fibula is the outside bone not the inside one. He mentioned to let my doctor know when I do a followup that it seems I may have an eversion sprain as my doctor may want to do another x-ray to confirm if there is a fracture there as it might not have shown up unless they knew what they were looking for on the first x-ray. I would assume they would check for that but maybe not?

So crutches have been an adventure and a half. I have fallen twice on them, the second time I even hurt my ankle a bit more. I am still having a hard time being non-weight bearing or no more then a toe touch weight bearing which I have had to do a bit to maintain balance. I am trying not to put too much weight as I don’t want to rupture anything while it starts to heal but I am really having a hard time on crutches. I don’t know if it is because I am overweight. I don’t imagine an extra 40 lbs bodyweight really helps. I also find it aggravates my back and neck which hurt from the fall itself.

I am able to get to the washroom and back but trying to get to my car and down the stairs in my building is hard. We are on the second floor of building that is definitely not wheelchair accessible. Going to physio yesterday tired me out so much I could barely move around the house last night. The palm (heel area) of my hands feel bruised and numb and painful and my forearms hurt and my shoulders. The physiotherapist readjusted my crutches yesterday and showed me how to properly use them including going up and down stairs and how to sit and stand from a chair which helped a little.

Last night Edward suggested we take the self adhesive ace bandage that I bought for my knee which I don’t need and wrap it around the hand grips on the crutches to see if it helps absorb some of the shock and help with the pain and it works really well!

Don’t mind the scratches on our couch, our cat has made a mess of it.

I can’t wait to get off the crutches and I can’t wait to get back to work. Sitting around all day is boring, at least I have CBS All Access and Netflix and a bunch of other stuff on our Roku.

12 thoughts on “Update: Still on crutches

  1. Oh dear 😞 I hope you are able to walk better soon. It sounds like you are in a lot of pain. Although it’s possible your weight makes moving on crutches hard – I have heard stories from some people (including my mum) who are not overweight but injured their leg and they find crutches very tiring and difficult, regardless of the kind of leg injury. It would be uncomfortable and a challenge for anyone. Even though I wasn’t on crutches when I was injured, dragging my own leg weight was really taxing on my back when I was trying not to put any weight on my leg.

    I found my mental health dropped towards the tail end of my recovery, even though I was occupied with things to watch while lying in bed or just feeling like crap – just a reminder to take care of yourself ❤️

    1. I eventually got used to the crutches. I got smart too and rented a wheelchair lol when I realized I would be on them longer. So far I have been fairly upbeat about it. I am managing fairly well. Mental health wise the only thing is the stress of not getting paid for 6 weeks while I waited for my claim to be approved but it was so I am good now lol. Just have to catch back up on things.

  2. I’m sorry about this! I hope you’ll be better soon, and if not maybe ask for another x-ray? I’m not particularly competent in orthopedics but generally said, there are conditions that need to be specifically asked for in the referral to be seen.

    1. Thanks Susanne, I am doing okay. Still lots of pain but I have now had another x-ray and CT. Hopefully the fact they haven’t contacted me after the CT (it was done a week ago) is a good sign and that there is no fractures. I know there are other issues with my hip now but I will see a Orthopedic specialist this month and should get some answers and a plan for treatment.

  3. I understand your pain of fracturing and even spraining an ankle or two. God, the healing process just takes so long but don’t worry, the body is just amazing at how flexible and strong it can be. Hold on!

    1. Doesn’t seem like there are any fractures at this point but I have other issues going on with my hip. Its a slow recovery but hopefully things will be good soon.

  4. Dude, I am so sorry to hear about the frustrations you’re going through. Hopefully, it’s gotten better since you’ve written this post

    K-Tape is amazing too! I have a roll around that I use to do my arm and wrist when my carpal tunnel is acting up (and for my shins if my shinsplints are acting up).

    1. I love KT tape, I have heard Rock Tape is even better. I heard about it actually more for securing my freestyle libre sensor as they tend to like to fall off early and a lot of people use it for that. But after the physio therapist taped my knee it felt a lot better. Helped with the pain. It really is amazing.

  5. Oh my gosh, that sounds really difficult! I’m so sorry to hear about your fractures and I can only imagine the difficulty of getting around with crutches – plus living in a place that’s not wheelchair accessible! D: I hope you recover soon though and best wishes!

    1. Thanks Claudine, we will definitely be looking for a place that has no carpets and that has elevators in the building next time we move lol. Don’t want to go through that again.

  6. That sucks that you hurt yourself. I’ve never had to use crutches but they do not look fun to use. I’ve seen people using them in the winter and was so scared they were going to step on some ice and slip. I hope you don’t have to use them much longer. Good luck with your healing process!

    1. Thanks Deanna, I remember when I was younger maybe 8 or 9 and a girl in my class broke her leg and had to use crutches for 6 weeks. I remember wishing I was her and that I got to have a cast and crutches. Until a few years later and I got stepped on by a horse and broke some bones in my foot and ankle and ended up in a cast and crutches. I hated it after a few days. It’s no different now lol. I had to use them one winter a few years ago when I slipped on some ice on my way to work and tore my ACL. Didn’t like it much then either. Now I have been on them almost the whole summer and I am so over it.

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