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I had some more testing done today on my vestibular system and to help diagnose whatever is wrong with me. The first test called a [glossary slug=”vestibular-evoked-myogenic-potential-vemp-2″]Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP)[/glossary] test. According to the technician or whoever she was that did it I had an abnormal response and my muscles kept responding to the sounds long after they should have stopped.

She said this is indicative of [glossary slug=”superior-canal-dehiscence-scd”]Superior Canal Dehiscence (SCD)[/glossary] but does not completely confirm it. I will need a [glossary=”high-resolution-ct”]high-resolution CT[/glossary] to confirm it. She gave me a pamphlet on it from the Vestibular Disorders Association. A defect in the bone causing the absence of [or a very thin covering of] the [glossary slug=”superior-semicircular-canal”]superior semicircular canal[/glossary] or a physical trauma to the head that can cause it to break completely [or just be thin enough it is not protecting anyhthing] can lead to vertigo and hearing loss.

Apparently all of this can possible be related to [glossary slug=”multiple-sclerosis-ms”]MS[/glossary] in a round about way. MS can cause the deterioration that causes the bone to be week, or if it was missing or week from birth then MS can potentially aggravate the symptoms. So I was told. I can not find anything discussing that on the internet however. So I am just going by what I was told. I will have to talk more about that with my ENT and family doctor and the neurologist when I get to see them I guess.

There was also a few other tests done today [a [glossary slug=”videonystagmography-vng”]VNG[/glossary] and [glossary slug=”lumbar-puncture-lp”]LP[/glossary]] but I will not get the results from them until I speak to my doctor(s) as they were done by someone else who was not as forthcoming with information. Maybe that’s good, maybe that’s bad. I don’t know yet. I guess only time will tell.

Things are starting to unravel and make some sense. They are starting to seem like they are finally all related and not 50 million different issues that have nothing to do with one another. I am back to feeling like I may be getting somewhere.

Overall a very uncomfortable day. I took the day off for that very reason. One of my best friends came with me partly too be of company/support and partly cause I was scared of getting lost on the bus, of being late or grabbing the wrong bus and because I was scared I would be dizzy, sick or have a bad headache. All of which I was. After the tests they made me lie still for about 40 min and made sure I was not super dizzy or sick. Then we walked over to the Tim Hortons at the IWK Childrens hospital next door and got a drink and just sat for a bit to let the dizzyness and nausea pass more.

Then I walked it off, about 6.5 km, stopping at the Mall on the way to rest and get an ice cream, which did wonders for the headache btw… then home to my apartment. It was a nice walk and I had company for roughly half of it but my friend lives about 3 km from me. Overall it actually was not a bad day and I feel pretty good right now. Just a minor headache which ibuprofen is helping just fine. Hopefully tonight will be okay and work tomorrow.

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  1. That is a lot of testing and it must be really scary! At least you had a friend there for part of the day, and hopefully all this testing will be able to shed some light on your health problems.

    1. Thanks, it was nice to have my friend for company and support and I’m thinking it’s gonna so hears hoping

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