Introducing Mr & Mrs C!

Edward and I married last month on Saturday August 27th, 2016! The months up the to wedding were so hectic because we made everything ourselves including the Wedding dress, the Maid of Honors dress, the Bridesmaids dresses and the flower girl dresses, the bouquets, the table cloths, runners, all decorations and much more!

Over all everything went perfect! We rushed the final Wedding dress a bit because the first one which was fully finished ended up being too big! I lost over 20 lbs in the months before the wedding As happy as I was about this it kind of put us in panic mode. But I am so happy! I am married to the man that I love more then life itself and that I want to grow old and grey with.

My sister-in-law Ashley was our photographer and my other sister-in-law, Eddie’s sister Jen was one of my Bridesmaids. My best friend Erin was my Maid of Honor who was 3 weeks from delivering my God son made it through without giving birth  4 days ago she gave birth to a sweet baby boy. My friends Kristy and Jenn were both bridesmaids and my nieces were a junior brides maid and a flower girl. We had two flower girls and two ring bearers.

Edwards brother Chris was his best man, his sister Jen’s boyfriend Kevin, my brother Denton, his friend Darren and Kevin’s son was a junior grooms man, I had 3 young cousins who were the other flower girl and the ring bearers. Our parents were there and a lot of family friends from all over Canada. People I haven’t seen since I was a lot younger. I was surprised how many of them came from as far away as Winnipeg (3500 km away).

My sister-in-law Jen putting on my makeup:


Our wedding rings:


A centerpiece my cousin Robyn from Connecticut made:


Our wedding cake:


Me all ready to go at home just before we headed to the hall:


Edward after we put the rings on at some point before we left the stage:


Me signing the wedding license and certificate:


Edward and I saying our vows. At this point I was laughing because a baby said “Uh oh” when our Justice of the Peace said “Who gives this Woman away”:


During our photo session at the Dingle after the wedding:


The next day, Sunday we left for Falls Lake a campground and cottages in the Windsor, Nova Scotia area and we camped for 5 nights. It was supposed to be 7 but it started raining so hard and our tent leaked and our stuff got soaked and we gave in and went home for the weekend. I don’t have any pictures of camping really because we didn’t bring my camera and I just never thought too. We went swimming and we had planned on going canoeing or paddle boating but that didn’t happen because of the rain. We still had a great time though and I would recommend a camping to anyone who likes to camp as an affordable honey moon.

The Monday following our honeymoon I started back to work at BOCC. While on leave over the summer a lot of my Fibromyalgia symptoms went away. Within a week of being back there they all came back. So Edward and I made the decision that I would quit. This coming week is my last week and then I am done there for good. I’m quite excited. I am going to continue legal transcribing and maybe look for a part time job closer by if needed. But it means I will be working from home mostly now which I am really happy about.

Overall it was a great summer. I’m just sorry I didn’t blog about it more


4 thoughts on “Introducing Mr & Mrs C!

    1. Thanks Manda, we were really please with how everything turned out and I am loving married life. In some ways it feels like not much has changed lol.

  1. Congratulations on your wedding!! The pictures are beautiful. We did most of the things for our wedding too so I know how hectic it can be. You did very well I look forward to learning more about how working at home and being a great wife is for you!

    1. Thank you Carolynne, it was really hectic, if you did most of the stuff for your wedding then you know exactly how it feels! It was fun but hectic and stressful at the end lol.

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