Watch Those Corners, They’re A Doozy

I’ve done very little the last two days except sit on the couch and refine this theme a bit and make the wordpress plugins work correctly with it. I don’t have the energy yet to tackle creating a theme. It’s been too long.

Called Cory at lunch time today to say “Hi. Miss ya. Love ya” and all that and talk to the kittie-Max. They seem to be doing okay without me. I miss them. I miss my night-time furnace(s) ;). It’s nice to be here, to see my family but I miss my boys.

Mom, Denton (brother) and I went into town today to get some DVD’s as I stole all of theirs last time I was here at Christmastime. I have to say going 100km an hour in a small moving vehicle has never bothered me as much as it does now. I took a friends advice and avoided looking out the side windows. I looked strait ahead and kept focusing on things in the distance. I made it. Whole ride without gravol and with my eyes open. I felt slightly ill but after 5 minutes out of the car in Wal-Mart and I was feeling good again. Only to get back in the car and go home but still. It was better then last time.

I slipped on the stairs today. My Mom and Dad’s house is 3 levels with the basement and it’s steep stairs. Typical PMQ (military housing). I fell down about 4 as I was rounding the corner at the bottom, before catching myself and having to sit there for about 10 min to regroup and re-ground myself before moving again. Thank god it was the bottom. Mom was out and Dad was outside and Denton was downstairs (he’s a typical 21 year old… video so loud he would not hear an atomic bomb go off).

I have to say, stairs aside, I like this place. I like the setup. It’s 4 rooms upstairs: 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small, bathroom, hallway with linen closet, stairs on the inside against the inside wall (end unit of triplex), living room and entry way and stairs in the front of the main floor, dining room and kitchen in the back, then a full-size basement. Very roomy. I would love for Cory and I to be able to find a co-op in the city that has all this. Something that was ex-PMQ maybe. I want a house so bad. Apartment living sucks. The only plus is the location as far as a 15-20 min walk to work.

I think it’s gonna be a early one tonight. Stayed up till about 3:30 am last night, was really nauseous and could not sleep and I was playing around with the site. Gotta not get in that habit. It’s a bad one.

Otherwise I have not been to bad today. 2-3 bouts of vertigo and some otherwise lightheadedness, one of which lead to the fall on the stairs. Also some nausea. No puking which is a plus!

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