Week #6

Yep, 6th week on crutches starts tomorrow. I have an appointment on April 9th @ 9:30 AM with an orthopedic specialist to have a look at my knee and see what is going on. It still swells if I put weight on my leg and even when I don’t. Three times yesterday I was trying to hobble along in the house and it just gives way, buckles, let me say having your knee bend the opposite way to what it is supposed to bend is a funny and somewhat painful feeling.

If you read this post about the hassle of getting around at my work, well… it is getting a bit better. My elbow and wrist (can’t remember if I mentioned this.. I think I did in some of the posts that got “lost” when my site was hacked) are not hurting me anymore, but my collar bone was last week.

I am hoping that they find something. I am getting tired of them just chalking everything up to Fibromyalgia. I know it causes pain, but knee weekness, swelling (I mean basketball size swelling), and cause your knee to give way? I really don’t think so. But then again, what would I know.

Sleep wise, I am sleeping okay with the amitriptyline and wake up feeling somewhat reseted. It was better then 8-9 hours of sleep and waking up feeling like I never slept at all. I had to stop taking the Naproxyn before it was done though, I couldn’t handle the upset stomach (it was more then that but I wont get into any details) and stuff.

I want off the crutches!

2 thoughts on “Week #6

  1. They didn’t fit you with a knee brace or a soft support to try and help with circulation to bring the swelling down as well as give you stability if you’re walking on it? You might ask about that, I don’t know if it’ll solve the problem though. I use one for my left knee periodically (usually when I over exert myself during exercise or running… it feels like it helps, but it could all be in my head lol)

    1. No, I have been wrapping it myself with a large tensor bandage, fairly tightly to try and help reduce the swelling. It still swells a lot. I tried leaving it off for a day thinking that I was wrapping it too tight or something but it swelled even more

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