Week 7

So I am on week 7 or so of overtime. Mostly 11 hour shifts 5 days a week. I really thought I’d be exhausted by now but I have more energy in one way then ever.

I walked all week this week on top of it while my car was down at my parents getting fixed and tires put on it. Which only cost me $121! $110 for the tires and $11 for the oil leak! And I was so scared. I sent $500 to mom and she sent $370 back yesterday. My pay today was over $980 so $500 went on my bankruptcy. Which leaves me $350 left to pay then my trustee can file for discharge next month! I am almost officially out of debt. And I’m ecstatic about it!

I started putting $10 a pay into Canada savings bonds through employee payroll deduction but after next pay when my bankruptcy is paid off I am going to change that to $25 a pay then later $50. Time to start saving!

Cory and I seem to be “trying” again. We gave up for a bit we were getting frustrated. 8 months and nothing. At least I didn’t get pregnant and miscarry. That was more my concern. Another 6 months and we are gonna ask my doctor to refer us to a specialist.

Thanks givings this weekend. Going to Cory’s sisters place with his parents for thanks giving. We were planning on having Christmas herewith his family this year and then Digby with my parents next but I’m gonna talk to him about going to my parents this year instead as we are spending thanks giving with his parents. Next year we can spend Christmas with mine and thanks giving with his.

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  1. Good for you on almost being done with paying off your debt! That’s such an exciting feeling and you should be very proud of yourself. I hope you had a nice thanksgiving and I hope everything works out with you and Cory. Best of luck with the baby wishes!

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