What a pain in the @$$

Sometime over the last few days my site got hacked along with another site I host. It’s so frustrating, this is the second time for me, last time I just said the hell with it and started over, I think I moved hosts at that time to and just completely started over. With the help of Erin Nicole and Ofblue Hosting everything is back up and running. Thank you guys so much!

I lost my posts between New Years Day and the last one I posted last week sometime and all my image files. Which really sucks but it could have been worse. I decided not to use the same theme again. I think that is how they hacked the site. I am using a temporary one I downloaded from the WordPress themes database which I kinda like. Might keep it for a bit, or it might be changed tomorrow. Who knows!

I have no plugins installed. I need to find a good one for backing up purposes so that I do not have to go through this again. I need to find a way to back up my hostees sites as well. Maybe there is something right in WHM or cPanel that I am overlooking? I know in cPanel there is a backup wizard that can backup stuff to my computer but I was hoping to utilize Dropbox or somewhere else cause I don’t want my computers space eaten up and my computer is not all that reliable right now anyways.  Any and all suggestions are welcome. Same with plugins in general. As long as they are kept up to date.

My Mom gave me shit for swearing on Facebook lol… hence the title  Just getting out my frustrations so I don’t do something stupid!

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  1. It really sucks having the site hacked. Especially if you did have some security plugins. I’m using WP better security, and always enable the “hide backend” (changing names of admin urls etc) and rename the wp-content folder options. It’s been fine so far. The only problem I’ve had with it is that sometimes I’m knocked out of my own site because I forgot the password and did too many login attempts, or lately there was some kind of bug with it and at the moment it’s disabled because of that. The backend url things still work though since that’s something that is changed in the htaccess file.

    I LOVE your theme!!

    1. I was using that one as well I believe, I need to download some plugins. I am starting over with everything pretty much. Erin, Nancy and Isi were able to help me restore my posts to Jan 1st. I really thought I had lost them all. I will download WP better security again and see if I can find a tutorial or something that can help me set it all up. I need to find one as well that can both backup to dropbox or google drive and restore from. Restoring manually did not go to well. Thanks about the theme!

  2. I actually think this theme is quite lovely. I’m sorry that you have been hacked, that’s awful. Tell your mom you’re allowed to swear on the Internet (and fuck, in real life. You’re an adult!)

    1. Thanks, I really like it. I still have a little tweaking to do. I didn’t change it too much though. Haha about my Mom. She let it go. I was like WTF? Everyone swears. I’m 34 for fuck sakes lol.

      1. I’m using that plugin too, obviously it’s made by some foreign people who don’t know English very well, but it sends an e-mail to the commenter when you (the admin) reply to a comment. You’ll need to modify the e-mail text because it’s in an English that doesn’t make sense (you’ll find it if you install the plugin and go to “edit”).
        Of course it’s up to you if you want to use it or not, but it’s kinda nice to know if the admin replied to the comment. I always go back to blogs to look for replies, but I guess not everyone does that.

        1. Oh nice! I have been on other blogs and wished there was something like that! Will have to install. I try to remember to go back to blogs and look for a reply but often forget.

          1. Go to the plugins, installed plugins and to the notifier, then click “edit” and you’ll get a code file. You can edit what you want. I’m not sure how much PHP you know but do NOT remove the / within words that are next to apostrophes, they have to be there so that the apostrophes don’t mess up the PHP..

  3. I had bluehost warn me about themes with weak security features, so I’m not surprised. A lot of the older ones back when wordpress was like 1.0 have a lot of vulnerabilities. I had a few installed on a test site because I was trying to practice with bringing them into the world of wordpress 3.8 or whatever version they were at at the time.

    Hopefully you find a solution. Have you thought about using google drive for backup?

    1. Ya, I choose a theme this time that is kept up to date so hopefully I will be okay. I find there is so much hacking and so much email spam since moving to the hosting company I am with. But at the same time the price is right and the service is good. Guess it’s a trade off. I was using drop box for backup but had an issue with restoring. I have Google drive, guess it wouldn’t hurt to back up to both.

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