what to say?!

I can’t believe that they came back with a verdict so fast in the Michael Jackson case! I mean come on. I figured for one it would be guilty! But definitel figured it would take a lot longer then that!! Guilty or not the guy is sick! Anyway that’s all I got to say about that!

I had a fast day at work. Mondays are always fast and even though it wasn’t as busy as normal I found it still went by quick. Easier that way. Mondays suck there. Call your claims in another day and leave me the hell alone on Monday!

Kinda cold and feeling sick. Was sick at work. I think swimming wasn’t such a good idea Sunday night at Chocolate Lake with everyone. Not that Art went in but Tara and I did and Percey eventually did after some coaxing (and splashing :)) Musta tired us both out cause we slept till 8:30 last night!

Group was ok today but I felt anxious through the whole thing listening to other people talking about there anxiety and depression. I haven’t yet decided 6 out of 10 sessions into it if it was a good idea or not. It’s nice to know I’m not alone with the anxiety and panic and depression but I knew that anyways. But I guess talking to others face to face is a little different and sometimes kinda intimidating. Next Mondays my turn to talk so I’m not sure I’m looking forward to that or not.

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