When it rains, it pours…

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Image Credit: Edward Corbett

Well, November ended with a bang. As the title suggests I am having a run of bad luck right now. Eddie worked last night from 4 to 10 PM. I left about 9:20 to get him. It’s about a 15-minute drive. The first 5 minutes are on the old highway which we live on and then I went up the ramp onto Highway 101. As I got off the ramp and started picking up speed and heading down the hill to the bear river bridge when suddenly a deer jumped in front of me from the left.

I didn’t notice it until it was in my headlights. I braked hard but it was too late. I hit the deer with the right front of my car. It hit the guardrail, bounce off and slid across my car landed on its feet and took off… how I don’t know. It was a big one too. Male with antlers and I hit it fairly hard. It had to have been hurt. It did some damage to my car and smashed my front headlight and signal light, left a large hole in my bumper, damaged my hood and the corner panel.

Image Credit: Norm Van Tassel. The concrete bridge is the one I was headed onto on the far end of this bridge in this picture. The second bridge, the train trestle, is long gone. It was torn down years ago.

I pulled over to the side of the road up against the guardrail after and there was a car already on the 101 that I merged in front of moments before. He pulled over as well and got out to see if I was okay. He looked the car over good with his phone’s flashlight and said he thought it was likely still drivable. After ensuring I was okay he waited for me to pull away and followed me across the bridge and I pulled over at the exit right after it as I was shaky and also concerned because a caution light was on.

Image Credit: Edward Corbett

The guy must have gotten off at the exit. I didn’t see where he went from there but I called my mom because I was starting to get sore and wasn’t sure if I should drive the car or not. It felt shaky but that could have just been me. I think I was in shock a bit. My parents came to get me. We drove into Digby and picked up Edward and by that time I had searing pain across my whole lower back and my hip and knee on my left side and my wrist was getting sore.

Image Credit: Edward Corbett

I usually drive with my left foot in the footwell on the footrest most newer cars have. I won’t do that again. My husband and parents both thought I should go to the ER at this point to be checked out. So they drove us there, dropped us off and went back to the car and Dad drove it home with mom following behind and parked it in our driveway then came back to the hospital to wait for me.

The ER doc luckily was my favorite one (it’s a small town and he’s been contracted to work in the ER for a while along with Dr. Ron) who doesn’t fool around and is actually a really great doctor. He was concerned about my description of the accident and where my foot was placed and where my pain was and wanted to rule out a hip or pelvic fracture and x-ray my knee.

Image Credit: Edward Corbett

There didn’t appear to be any and he said my pelvis alignment looked good. He figures the impact caused a shock wave up my leg because it was braced against the wheel well thingy and up through my leg and knee into my sacroiliac joint and lower back. My wrist and elbow and shoulder likely had a similar shock through them. I am pretty sure my stomach hit the steering wheel. I am experiencing a lot of pain there and am going to have to go back and get it checked I think as it’s been progressively increasing overnight and my head and shoulder hit the door.

Unfortunately, I had the previous injuries all on that side and in the same joints which I still have pain from. So this is just going to aggravate that. I imagine this is likely going to cause my fibromyalgia to flare and cause me even more issues. He put me off work till Thursday but said to come back if I need longer or am still in a lot of pain Thursday to be re-evaluated. He said it should start resolving in a week or so but he didn’t know how bad my previous injuries were or that I have Fibromyalgia. Probably should have mentioned that but even with him, I didn’t want that to overshadow it.

I am so pissed about the car. We have only had it a little over a month! At least it’s not badly damaged. I also feel bad for the poor deer since it wasn’t killed but its back end must have been injured. I called the non-emergency RCMP number this morning to see if I needed to report the deer and she said no unless it’s dead and needs to be moved off the road or is lying injured on the side of the road and can’t get up then the department of natural resources prefers to just let nature take its course and leave them alone. It was long gone anyways it ran for the woods. Hopefully, it’s not hurt too bad. Not even sure why it was crossing there or came from as the side it came from was steep coming down to the road and where it was going to had a guard rail and on the other side a steep drop off to either the sea or the road that runs alongside it like 100 ft below, its basically a cliff.

I also called my insurance and they said it would fall under comprehensive so it would not affect my premiums or anything and they started a claim and booked the car in at 11 am tomorrow in Smith’s Cove for an estimate and set up the rental car for when it is in the shop. They also started a benefit claim for the injuries and said they like to get you into a clinic to assess injuries and determine what’s needed for physio, etc.

I have to pay a $250 deductible which fortunately I just changed last month when we got the car, it was previously $500 with the Nissan Altima. There goes our winter tire money. Kinda pissed about that too. Took me a few months to save it up. Going to have to deal with all seasons for the winter or see if there is anything left over to at least buy used for this year.

Also, it’s a good thing I know not to swerve as that guard rail would not have stopped me going over the edge either

5 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours…

    1. Thank’s Crystal, I am feeling a bit better today, still super sore and on painkillers, as I have an abdominal injury from the seatbelt and steering wheel. But it could have been a lot worse. It is expensive to fix this. This is fully covered by insurance at least and they gave me a rental car today for the duration. Still stressful though. I hope you got your car troubles all sorted out.

        1. Yes! I know what you mean. We were in that position with our old car. At that point it made more sense to get a newer one. We really didn’t think we were in a place to do it but the dealership we went to worked really hard to get us into something. Now we need winter tires (can’t really safely get by without them here) and we had most of it saved up but now the $250 deductible for the car insurance needs to be paid out of it so we have to take that from somewhere else later.

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