When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…

So not only is my car leaking gas. I broke a molar in half on Saturday. I’m in pain. I woke up this morning and I just wanted to go back to bed. I started throwing up and couldn’t stop for over an hour. Which just made my tooth hurt all the more. I was so pissed.

At the same time I am really proud of myself. It would have been so easy to call in to work and say I needed to go to the dentist and gone or called in saying I was sick, but since I really don’t have any money to pay for it till Friday I decided to stick it out and go to the dentist on Saturday instead. And I did not call in sick for work. Once I was there I started to feel a bit better. But since I couldn’t hold anything down getting tylenol or ibuprofen in me for my toothache did not work so well.

To add more insult to injury I started my period and I have that pain to deal with now. I don’t know why my periods are so painful. I was almost doubled over in pain in bed this morning. It did not get me off to work on the right foot. I was in such a bad mood this morning.

However I got to y-cord at work today and it was actually kinda fun. So by 12 I almost didn’t want to leave. I got home at about 12:15 and since Cory had started to clean up the kitchen before he went fishing with his Dad I figured I’d surprise him and finish it and the living room and dining room while he was gone. There wasn’t a lot to do cause we have booth been keeping up on everything (except laundry).

My hosting is apparently changing their name to Ofblue Hosting so I need to change my nameservers. Hopefully it wont cause much downtime. I’ll do that later today.

All in all the day has gone by pretty fast and didn’t turn out that bad after all.

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