Where is spring?

I don’t know if today is just a tease but it is 5°C. Yesterday and the day before it was below -10°C. Brrr…

I am really hoping that spring will hurry up soon. I am still on crutches for a little while and I am getting tired of slipping on ice and on wet floors. They can not figure out what is wrong with my knee. Go figure. It’s always something. I can not put all my weight on it or it buckles. It is feeling a bit better today though.

I went yesterday for an ultra-sound of the popliteal fossa or back of the knee as it is better known as. The tech did not find any Baker’s Cyst but advised that since it has been weeks and if it drained they may not see evidence if it went away on its own. So why can I still not walk on it? Why is there still so much pain?

Cory is also still having issues with his leg from the CMT. His hip and foot are bothering him. He had to go for X-Rays yesterday. So we both ended up at the hospital again together. At least we do everything in pairs…

I decided I did not really like the other WordPress theme. I was looking through the WordPress themes and found this one and really liked it. It’s so simple. A tiny bit of custom CSS and it looks great on my computer, tablet and phone.

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