Whishfull thinking…

I have this list of things I want us to get over the next year, which just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Which of course means I need more and more money to buy/do everything.

  • ● Renew my passport
  • ● Get Cory’s passport
  • ● Get a SLR camera
  • ● Buy a new laptop
  • ● Renew my domain name and hosting
  • ● Rent a house or bigger apartment
  • ● Buy a washer and dryer

Not to mention kids. Its still not happening. Though I suppose trying might help that some… I hate certain medications for that.  They strip you of all desire to do certain things.  We both have issues in that department. If you know what I mean.

Some things seem to be going well. I have managed to stay out of debt so far.  Bills seem to be under control. Rents getting paid on time.  We have internet and a few cable channels. My works going really good.  And Cory was finally put on longer term disability.

The last one means he does not have to struggle through working in extreme pain and come home to exhausted or in too much pain to do anything. He’s managing to stay busy and keep the apartment clean.

His CMT is progressing fast, which is scaring the shit out of me. His doctors and therapists are starting to question his diagnosis as its progressing too fast. Which scares the shit out of me more. One day at a time I guess.

2 thoughts on “Whishfull thinking…

  1. Whew, that is a lot on your todo list. But if you really put your mind to it and work hard, I know it can be possible. Just keep your head up and hopes high! Good luck.

  2. I understand that Cory’s illness progressing so fast must be scary for you. Are they going to investigate that?
    Good news at least that he got renewed disability! It’s such a stress for people when they have to work despite illness.

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