Who can be down on a morning like this?

It’s 8:25 (at the time I started this post) and it’s 23°C already! It’s bright and sunny. Another scorcher. I wanted so bad to sleep in this morning since this weekend is the last before I go back to work but it’s just so bright and hot, I can’t even sleep. So I came out here (living room) to go on facebook.

Cory’s laying on the couch and he woke up momentarily to say “Hun, I’m so stupid, I set aside blah blah blah”. The blah blah blah part was not cause I wasn’t listening it was cause it was unintelligible lol. Hopefully he will finish explaining that when he wakes up!

I’m wondering what we can do today. Since I was feeling down yesterday and feeling sorry for myself I am determined today is gonna be different. Maybe we can go for a picnic and fishing. I just want to be outside. Should grab some sunscreen from somewhere first. I feel like I am just rambling on…

So I am hooked on this game on facebook thanks to Cory. Pawn Stars. It’s fun owning your own pawn shop and wheeling and dealing! I like the idea of being able to buy and then just sell stuff and make so much money! Speaking of selling stuff. My mother has commissioned me to put together an ecommerce wordpress website for her to sell her knitting and some other stuff a friend of hers makes. I think I may go in on it with them and start making jewelry again. I used to love beading and making bracelets and necklaces and stuff. Maybe it’s time to step out and go a little deeper with that idea.

Anyways it’s to sunny outside to just sit hear rambling on so I guess I should go get showered and dressed.

2 thoughts on “Who can be down on a morning like this?

  1. They keep saying its going to thunderstorm and rain where I’m at, but all it’s actually just sticky and humid and nearly unbearably hot by the evening!

    Haven’t played Pawn Stars, but I have been playing way too much of Candy Crush.

    Hope you did something fun today! And good luck with the other endeavors I use to bead a lot too, but haven’t really touched it do to having a bad wrist (I have really bad cramping in my hands from the tools for wirework or trying to stitch with small beads).

    1. It called for thunder storms here on Saturday too but we never got them and rain shows on Sunday afternoon which we never got either. Just drizzle this morning and even that cleared up. At least today is not as hot…

      I’ve never played candy crush but have lots of people on my Facebook that do.

      I did do something fun, I’ll write about it in my next post

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