Who really likes giving injections?

I know I certainly don’t. I don’t think any diabetic does, do they? Whether you have Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes, if you need to take insulin you just do… don’t you?? You don’t act like a two-year-old, well unless you really are a two year old and scream and cry or pout or refuse, do you? Well… maybe you do? I know I sure feel like it sometimes. I literally want to lay down on the ground and have a full on temper tantrum and yell at my husband that he’s so mean when he tries to convince me that I need to. Sometimes times I want to be that petulant little toddler who stubbornly refuses to do as I’m told or as I know I should do. Why? Because it hurts… It just fucking hurts. There I said it.

Some of it is probably in my mind. So yeah, great now on top of being a temper tantrum throwing 2 year old, I’m crazy to boot. But am I? Nothing about diabetes is easy. It’s all a struggle. From counting carbs, assuming you do so, and I’ll admit, I really don’t. To testing your blood sugar. Thank you to the diabetes gods for inventing the Freestyle Libre, or no, maybe that was Abbott. To trying to eat healthy and in my case failing miserably. To getting exercise and losing weight, assuming your overweight. To trying to just understand the disease and control it. It just really really sucks sometimes.

I get overwhelmed by the fear of pain. It only lasts for a moment, even the burning sensation when it enters the skin. It’s definitely not the worst pain I have ever experienced. So why do I want to scream and cry and throw a temper tantrum? Just because I can… because in some little weird way, it makes me feel better, it makes me feel a little more in control… is that weird? I guess so, but I really don’t care. It’s not about wanting a pitty party. It’s not about making a scene. I just that I really don’t like giving injections. In the end, I usually do, but sometimes I chicken out and then feel like a fool. Am I the only one?? Probably not…

6 thoughts on “Who really likes giving injections?

  1. My mother may have to take insulin and she’s afraid of that. I totally understand about being afraid of it but if you gotta do it then you gotta. It’s fine to be scared but knows that you’re doing it for your health.

    1. I understand your mothers fear. For the first few months, I did fine but that was because my stomach was a fresh territory and after a few months it started hurting. I think had I followed a better rotation pattern at the beginning that might have helped. Hopefully, she has a good team that will explain it better than mine did.

  2. Sometimes, we have to take the pain temporarily for us to be helped in the long run. That’s pretty much me with shots every time @__@. Sending you lots of love. Letting it all out is a form of stress relief, so if you feel great after, power to you!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes just writing about it makes you feel better I have switched to higher gauge needles (thinner) and shorter needles that are only 4mm long but sometimes it still hurts and it’s annoying but your right sometimes no pain no gain.

  3. I feel you, I always hated shots. Mind you I don’t have to live like that, but I can sort of understand. My mom has it, so I see what she has to do. Its an awful thing to have. *hug*

    1. I don’t mind it so much, I hated pricking my fingers more than the needles at first but since switching to the flash glucose monitor that has gotten better but I still hate taking insulin shots, it’s probably the insulin itself that burns, more than the needle puncturing the skin, I think I am going to try warming it up in my hand a little before injecting especially in the winter to see if that helps. I inject it at room temp but sometimes the room might be cold and the insulin cold.

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