Whooping Cough Week 4

So this is almost the end of the 4th week with whooping cough (pertussis) and I am feeling a bit better and am back at work. I am still coughing a lot and need to take breaks at work from being on the phone which really seems to aggravate the coughing.

I find I have had a really bad headache for a few days but I am eating and drinking some. Trying to eat smaller meals since I tend to throw them up if I don’t. My back and chest are sore from the coughing and I think I pulled a muscle in my abdomin a bit just under my rib cage.

Here is a small clip of what it sounds like when I cough.


I don’t always have the “whooping” sound and if I do it varies from mild to more severe. All I can say is coughing hurts a lot right now! I wake up a few times a night coughing and tend to sleep in a more upright position on the couch.

I find I am really tired all the time and just feel run down. I have listened to some other adults and kids with whooping cough on YouTube and don’t seem to sound as bad as some of them so I am thankful for that. But I am ready for this to be over now… any time.

6 thoughts on “Whooping Cough Week 4

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. It must be a nightmare having problems with your throat while working on the phone. Being ill can be so exhausting, so try to get lots of rest.

    1. I am resting a lot, haven’t done nothing but go to work and come back home and sit on the couch lol. I’m lucky at work, I have been there a while (compared to others) and tend to get put on emails a lot (which is sort of like a treat most of the time cause you can listen to music and just answer emails, which we mostly have templates for), and was put on emails after about an hour and a half today. I did take 3 or 4 calls one after another when I first got there and coughed through most of it then was told to go emails so I didn’t have to talk on the phone at all for the rest of the day

    1. Probably not good lol. I am a lot worse at work than I am at home. I am assuming it is the air conditioning which seems to make my asthma worse which makes the coughing fits worse and I can’t catch my breath then I have a more pronounced “whoop”and tend to cough stuff up more or at night when laying down its the same. I also have a almost different cough that I remember having more when I was little, around the time we discovered I had asthma. I had a down duvet and I would cough so bad I would turn blue.

  2. Oh no! How can you manage having the whooping cough for four weeks so far? D:. Has the medicine been working a bit? I know at LA, all students need to have the whooping cough vaccination or else they can’t go to school. Do you have a sore throat too? I know honey + tea + lemon always does the job for me. Hope you’ll be feeling well soon~

    1. It’s been a pain, I spent 3 weeks at home sick and just went back to work Tuesday. I am starting to feel stronger now and hoping that it will not last as long as I was told. We have to have the vaccination as well but there has been small little “epidemics” of it going around in the last 4 years and they are starting to wonder if there was something wrong with the vaccines or if it wears off in adults. I have read a few local articles about it. I have been drinking a lot of warm liquids. Peppermint tea is my favorite.

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