why do people over analyse things?

I know I do. It’s more habit then anything. I get lost in thought and it just goes from there. It can get kinda scary at times! Ever been lost inside the mind of a crazy person? That’s what it feels like sometimes. Not that I’m saying I’m crazy. Like an ex once told me (not all that long ago) crazy’s good, crazy’s fun, crazy gives you something to do, something to think about. Everyone’s a little crazy (Ok so he said the very last part about everyone being a little crazy… but I thought I’d add in the rest… it sounds more like me then him though I think he might have said some of that…).

It’s really interesting to write down your thoughts and rather then analysing them just look at them. Don’t think “about” them. Just of them. Put them all together and see what you come up with. Now that’s scary! Makes you wonder where they come from… Did I really say that? Was I really thinking that? Am I really that desprate (lol… no more comments on that one!)? Was I really that “insert appropriate emotion here*? I find if I just sit at the computer and type. Don’t think about what your typing. Just let it flow. It can be quite fun, sometimes surprising but almost always entertaining (to yourself anyways, lets not think about anyone else right now, for the sake of this).

I do tend to over analyse and just get too caught up in the why’s and the what if’s and the what about’s… I can see that now loking back on the last few weeks. I can see that I was never really moving forward but stuck in the same place looking back. Why? I really have no idea. I don’t really know if I want to know. I don’t really know if I care. A lot of things happen for a reason right? Maybe I’ll never know why. Do I need to know why? No… I just need to know it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. Stop looking back and start looking forward. It’s much simpler that way. Gives you a sense of purpose.

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