Winter anyone?

This is going to be a short post tonight cause I’ve got very yummy Candy Cane ice cream melting in a bowl and I am doing this on my iPhone because my IP was somehow blocked while working on a project I am going to “unvail” shortly.

Supposed to be getting freezing cold temperatures tomorrow. It’s currently -11℃ (20℃ windchill). It’s supposed to go down to -16℃(-26℃ windchill) in the morning and warm up to a balmy -13℃(-21℃ windchill) in the afternoon. Notice my sarcasm there…

Oh and there is about 2-3cm snow already with 10cm more expected between tonight and Sunday morning then another 20cm more expected Sunday during the day and 5cm or so over the beginning part of the week.

All I can say is brrr… And what a mess it’s gonna be. Thank god for good snow tires.

2 thoughts on “Winter anyone?

  1. That ice cream sounds good, but ugh too much cold and snow! I usually love snow, but dread it too because even a little bit shuts everything down around here. Stay safe and warm!

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