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I am about half way through my third week back at work. I am doing six hour shifts this week. So far I am doing okay. Not great but okay. I am still having considerable pain but I am just glad to be back. I started Lyrica about the same time I started back at work (the night before). That is not going so great so far, not that I really expected much. It’s not really helping at all with my pain during the day. At night it makes me so sleepy that I am unsure if I am sleeping okay because of that or because it is helping my pain. I think more just that it is knocking me out

I started at 75 mg and was supposed to increase it after about a week slowly up to no more then 300 mg. I haven’t gone up at all. The reason is that I don’t think I would be a fully functioning human being if I did. I can barely tolerate the 75 mg. I tried last night just the one time to increase to 150 mg, today I struggled with every word at work, I was staring off into space and I felt as if I had cotton balls in my mouth. I am not doing that to myself again tonight so back to 75 mg I go.

I am going to see if I can get a prescription for 25 mg from my doctor and try going up more slowly from 75 mg. I can see why I hate this medication the first time I was on it. It really does a number on you. I am so dizzy as well. I am scared to drive and won’t drive right after I take it. So I take it at night. I am not sure it’s going to work for me but I need to give it some more time I think. It’s hard because I am tired of dealing with the pain which is still pretty considerable. I have pain which is sometimes feels like a stabbing pain and other times a burning or searing sensation down my leg. I have pins and needles and a numb sensation that happens often. I am also getting a lot of swelling still.

I want so badly to just ditch the crutches and walk but I am scared to as well. Sometimes I wonder if that part is in my head. If I am just limiting myself because I am scared. The medication is making me unsteady and dizzy, plus my leg tends to give out from underneath me but should I just stop using the crutches? I am trying to slowly come off them. I can put most of my weight on my leg with them. Without them though I tire so quickly and I hurt so much more. I really am not sure what to do there.

Anyway, so as you can guess from the title of this post, Edward and I have been considering relocating for a little bit now and guess what? We are moving! We’re doing it! Edward found out today he has a job in Digby at Gidney Fisheries! He starts November 19th and gave his notice at his current job today. He was concerned how his boss would take it but he took it pretty good and was happy for him.

I also put in my resignation at the bank today, or at least that was the plan. Instead though I am going to see if I can take a leave of absence at their suggestion. Apparently they have an option when moving to another city or town in the same or different province that you can take a transfer leave which gives you 90 days to apply to and get a position in the same bank with another branch, location or department. If you don’t get one then on the 91st day your employment ceases as if you resigned but it also gives you a chance to keep your benefits and seniority while I attempt to find something and 90 days in case nothing is available right away. I read somewhere I have to give 4 weeks notice to do this but they suggested it so hoping no one notices

When I mentioned I was resigning my manager asked me to give him about an hour before I put in my resignation and talked to his manager then came back and told me this. They said they hope I can stay with the bank. They have branches in both Digby and Yarmouth. Yarmouth is only about an hour’s drive. We could settle somewhere between Digby and Yarmouth if I got something there eventually. In the meantime my parents have offered to rent us the cottage they just bought for quite a bit less then what we are paying for rent here.

They bought it outright so no mortgage. We would pay the utilities and a small rental fee all in one, the utilities will be on budget plans that will be the same each month, they plan to keep them in their name I think and we just pay them one amount to cover it all and even if we don’t and we pay the utilities ourselves in our name we will still be ahead. We’d be looking at half to two thirds what we are paying here once everything is said and done. About a $200 to $350 savings a month over our current living situation here. Edward will be making a bit more then $2/hour more there then here, plus after 6 months he will have full benefits.

If I stay with the bank I will still have everything I have here (full benefits plus lots more) but be $1 to $2 less then I make here. So in the long run it would even out pay wise. I have a lead on a job outside the bank as well and have been talking to a recruiter for a domain registration and web design/hosting company that has an office in Yarmouth and one here in Halifax, they are really interested in me. I have actually worked for them before.

They are looking for both domain specialists (sales) and technical support in Yarmouth. I enjoyed it the first time I worked there but I left to go to Afghanistan and when I came back they weren’t hiring and I moved on to somewhere else and honestly never considered them again till now. I know a few managers and other employees. In the meantime I can do some transcription work for my mom who has a lot of work right now and could use my help.

Overall this is a move in the right direction for us I think. We will be getting out of the city which we both want. We are tired of it here. We will be living in an area we love doing things we love. We’ll miss our friends in the city but plan on still doing a once a month game night with them and they can come visit and we will be in the city a lot still. We have to keep our doctor in the city as there is currently a shortage and over 50,000 Nova Scotian’s who don’t have family doctors. Plus we like him and want to stay with him anyways

So anyway, in the long run though it will mean saving more and much faster. We can save a down payment now, it would actually be possible. I plan on taking the full amount we would pay for rent up here each month, pay my parents what they want and take the rest and put it in a savings account. Something we can’t easily access. Also it will be good as well because the cottage is 2 bedroom, or will be in a few months when we make it back into a two bedroom. So we will start the process again for fostering/adoption. We are so excited!

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  1. It must be incredibly hard dealing with so much pain and having medication that hasn’t been a big help. The fact that the higher dosage causes those problems would be a big concern, and you don’t want to feel like that! Hopefully, you can get the 25mg and it will be better!

    That is great that you are moving. Hopefully, you will be a lot happier there. It’s good that your manager was able to tell you about the transfer leave. It would be a great opportunity if you wanted to work for the same company and gives you some time to settle. It would be cool if you could work for the domain/hosting company!

    1. It is hard but I think it will likely start to slowly get better on it’s own. I am hoping to eventually not have to take any medication at all for it. Hopefully sooner rather then later.

      I’m torn between wanting to stay with the bank I work for and wanting to work for the domain/hosting company, both would be really good opportunities. I also would love to start my own business and/or work more for my mom’s business.

  2. I’m so glad you’re getting the opportunity to move to a place you love!! I hope you can figure out with a job too.
    As for the Lyrica, I think 75 mg is a bit high to start with – or have you taken it before? If I remember correctly, we usually start on 50 on the patients where I worked.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it is weird my doctor did start me off at 75 mg which the pharmacist also said was high to start with. They usually start at 25 to 50 mg here. I have been on it for about 3 weeks now so there is no point in taking it down to 25 or 50 I don’t think. I may wait a bit longer and then see maybe about adding to it 25 mg at a time until I get where it is comfortable. Or maybe it just wont work at all. I was on it years ago and after like 9 months it was just making me super dizzy and sleepy.

  3. Have fun in your new home! Life is a lot slower down that way so that should be nice (not that Halifax is a busy city either). Is the cottage going to be warm enough in the winter?

    I didn’t know you guys were thinking about adopting! That is so exciting. I would have considered adopting too if I couldn’t get pregnant. I also have someone in my family who is a Foster mom. Most of her kids ended up staying with her for their whole lives.

    Also, I’m not sure if my blog notifies you when I reply to your comment (you can let me know if you want!) but I wanted to thank you for the baby shower gift! It was very unexpected! The baby shower is next weekend and I planned on sending out Thank You cards after that. Are you going to have a new address before then? Maybe I should wait to send it?

    1. Thanks it’s true it is much slower down here. The cottage is fully winterized and insulated for the winter and has both electric and wood heat. It’s not large and there is a nice small wood stove right in the center of it.

      We’ve been thinking about both fostering and adopting now for a while. Even before we found out it was unlikely we could conceive. I am really hoping to apply once we get settled for fostering. And then down the road when we have a bigger place look at adopting. I would like to stay as foster parents even if we adopt a child.

      You’re very welcome. I wanted to send you something since I have been hosting you a while and we have been reading each others blogs for years! Your blog doesn’t notify me of replies. I think I am using Jetpack to do that if I remember correctly.

  4. Man, medication issues can be so much hassle – I hope it all works out for you though!

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re moving! It’s so nice that a lot of things are working out for you moving-wise, and the new location sounds like an amazing fit for you guys! It’s nice that your employer suggested that you take a transfer leave – it’s certainly a better option and gives you a bit more flexibility!

    1. Thanks Claudine. I stopped taking it. Wasn’t worth it and my leg is feeling better each day. I am really happy about the move. We are down here already. We still have the apartment till December 31st but we are going to move all our stuff over the next few weeks. I am glad my employer mentioned it as well. It’s a much better option and gives me a chance to stay with them, even if just part time.

  5. I moved six times in my life already and I always think that moving is a great opportunity for a new start! It’s a new beginning and a chance to grow❤ I wish you all the best in the new city! And I think it is great what the bank you work for offers with the 90 days!
    Selina | Selina’s Inspiration

    1. Thanks! My dad is ex-military so we moved a lot when I was a kid and it never really stopped until we got to halifax. I spent 15 years give or take in the city but moved a few times within the city.

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