Would you rather…

I saw this post on Carolynne’s blog and it looked like fun, she challenge other people to answer so I am


…Watch Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars

…Read on a Kindle or paperback book?
Kindle (or rather a tablet that I tend to use more as an e-reader than a tablet most of the time)

…Go to a play or musical?
A play, musicals usually annoy me. With the exception of RENT which I loved.

…Go to the theater or a movie?
In Nova Scotia they are one and the same, but yeah a movie.

…Hike or bike?

…Wear jeans or chinos?
Jeans, I don’t even know what chinos are…

…Have a Margarita or Pina Colada?
Can I say neither? I don’t drink.

…Drink a glass of Guinness or Fat Tire?
Same as above.

…Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?
Depends on who the friend is lol. But most likely a hotel. I like hotels.

…Visit Europe or Mexico?

…Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?
This is a hard one, I want to go to both, but if I have to pick… Hawaii.

…Go skiing or snowshoeing?
Skiing! I love to ski

…Travel by plane, train, or automobile?
Automobile. I have done all three but I love long drives. I don’t have kids, that is probably why.

…Enjoy a houseboat or speed boat?
Speed boat. I love speed.

…Go climbing or zip lining?
I would love to try zip lining.

…Go to a comedy club or dance club?
Comedy club. I think it would be really fun, as long as the comedians) are funny. Which not all of them are!

…Have a night out or evening in?
At this point in my life a nice evening in sounds great!

…Watch TV or read a book?
Read a book. I have always preferred books to TV and Movies. I like to imagine characters how I want to imagine them and not how someone else interprets them.

…Go canoeing or waterskiing?
Since I have been canoeing a few times I would have to say waterskiing as it sounds like a lot of fun.

…Camp in an RV or stay in a tent?
Stay in a tent.

…Use Facebook or Twitter?

…Choose a free trip or money?
Money. With no real debt other than my car it would go in the bank for a trip of my choosing.

…Win the lottery or find your perfect job?
Win the lottery obviously, then I don’t need a job and could play on the computer all day.

…Swim in a pool or the ocean?
This is a really hard one for me. I love love love the ocean. But I really don’t like swimming in it.. Pool

…Watch sports or play sports?

…Play dodgeball or kickball?
Dodgeball!!! I loved hitting other people purposely with the ball!

2 thoughts on “Would you rather…

  1. Oh my! I haven’t been zip lining yet, but I’ve heard it’s really fun! I’d rather go to Europe myself;however, if given the opportunity to visit Mexico, I’d probably go (my boyfriend’s grandfather lives out there and he’s invited us to go fishing there. Just haven’t been able to save up for anything, until now that is).

    RE: I’m surprised you remember darkness-hour.org! Char and I were conversing about the name and thought that it sounded a little dark. I actually got the name from one of Meat Loaf’s songs. :). You’re probably the only one that remembers my domain except me! I think a lot of us started to learn from lisaexplainsitall.com. I was pushed into the right direction as I guess people were getting irritated by me asking “can you do this?” or “can you do that?” and not learning it myself. I finally took it upon me to learn! I started off with Geocities.com as well, and then livejournal, and than others before getting my own domain.

    1. I don’t know why but Mexico has never really been on my list of places I’d like to go. I lived in Europe (Germany) from 1985-1991 and have not been back since. I have gone other places but I really want to go back to Europe and see the places I saw when I was younger. I was always fascinated by Europe.

      I’m a little surprised I remembered darkness-hour.org too. I can remember the domain name and I remembered your first name but don’t really remember much more than that lol. I have no idea what domain I would have had at the time or if I was hosted on someone elses domain (most likely)

      I was the same, I was always asking people how to do this or do that or looking things up on search engines (something I still do on google all the time lol). I took some courses in web design and graphic design but ended up not really going down that road for a career. Just more of a hobby. I don’t even make my own themes anymore… don’t have the time. Plus there is tons of good themes out there to download and modify. I’m lazy, what can I say lol.

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