Wouldn’t Living On An Island Be Cool?

Just a quick post cause I’m exhausted. Went for a drive with my Mom and Dad down to Tiverton today. They were looking at a piece of property down there that is coming up for auction at the Tax Sale soon. A piece of land on the island would be so cool!

I had pretty much no symptoms today except a brief bout of vertigo on the ferry and in the car. Which I kinda expected. I still don’t trust myself to drive yet but getting there.  I have another week left, hoping maybe I will be able to be back on the schedule next Tuesday. I’ll have to call work mid-week this week to let them know I will know probably on Monday when I see the doctor again.

Things seem to be going back to normal. My only question is how long. Will it come back? Only time will tell I guess. Last time it lasted 2 weeks (3 this time) and I never fully felt like I was back to normal. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what my doctor says.

Installed some RAM in my parents computer today, and everything seemed to go okay. Computer recognizes it and everything is running faster but it did not help completely. Getting a pile of unrelated errors now. This computer is driving me nuts. This is 2 days and I still have a hard drive and graphics card to install yet. But it looks like I am going to have to format and re install again.

So frustrating.

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