You know it’s summer when the pool goes up!

Last summer my parents bought a 22 feet long by 12 feet wide swimming pool that is 4.5 feet deep. They intended to get it up last year but it didn’t fit in the yard I guess my father was so excited by the price of it he didn’t take into consideration the amount of flat land to put it on in their back yard. So he spent most of the spring, summer and fall of last year trucking in dirt, old wood from decks people were tearing down and bricks and he built up an area big enough to hold the pool in a yard that slopes drastically.

This spring he has managed to get it to a point that we are laying out the pool and should have it ready by the end of June so that we can get July, August and maybe early September if it is warm enough out of it. Eddie and I have been helping him when we can between work and everything else. I am so excited that it is almost there. We are going to lay out the pool tomorrow and then he is going to over the next week or two with our help on the weekends finish off the retaining wall and start filling it.

In the past they had a round pool that was I think 16 or 18 feet and about 3.5 or 4 feet deep and then the summer before last they had a smaller round pool just to cool off that was 3.5 feet deep. Just to cool off in. I always loved having a pool as a kid or teenager. We never had huge pools, this is the biggest they have ever had. It will be big enough and deep enough to actually get some exercise in. It’ll be so refreshing to spend the weekends in the pool. It’s too bad I didn’t work a mid shift because it’s to early to get time in the pool before work and to late after work. We only live about a 10 minute drive from my parents.

They bought for one of the other pools a salt water chlorinator which chlorinates using salt rather then chlorine and and is healthier, it feels nice and silky smooth on the skin and you smell like you got out of a fresh clean ocean when you get out. I love the way it smells and feels when it’s set up correctly (had a few issues with that in the past). I can’t wait to get it up and get in the pool.

I could spend hours in a pool, lake, ocean or on a beach. I love the water. I love boats and being on the water as much as being in the water. I love living so close to ocean and being near the harbour and out on the bays nearby. I can spend hours swimming in a lake so long as the fish are small and there are no leaches. I love the ocean as long as there are not a lot of jelly fish around. Jelly fish stings hurt! Pools are my favorite though. I love pools especially salt water ones. Chester has a salt water pool called The Lido which fills when the tide is high from ocean water but in a real pool. It’s kinda neat. I have seen it numerous times but never went, kind of the best of both worlds though.

4 thoughts on “You know it’s summer when the pool goes up!

  1. That is one thing that I do miss about living near a coast or on a small island. The beaches and the ocean and the outdoor pools! We have rivers and lakes here, but its almost too cold to get into most of the year (Alaska, yay!). And then living in interior, we are really far away from the ocean.

    You’ll have to tell us how it is once you’re able to get it all set up. It sounds like its been a lot of work, but it’ll be totally worth it when you get things finished.

    1. I can’t wait for the pool to be completely up. We had to change plans and switch to a slightly smaller pool because when we got the pool all rolled out it actually was bigger then we thought it was it was like 26ft by 16ft plus the poles, it was marked wrong lol. So we need to put up a smaller round one and my dad decided he was gonna buy another one this summer for next summer as the round one will need to come down (it’s a large inflatable one) like 16ft and 3ft deep. I’m a bit disappointed but at least it’s still a pool going up.

  2. That is so cool that it’s getting closer and you should be able to spend some relaxing time in the water and also get some exercise. I had a pool as a kid and I miss being able to swim. It can be such a calming activity!

    1. I love to swim and love backyard pools. I live in an apartment building so it’ll be great to be able to drive to my parents anytime we want to go for a swim. Unfortunately we had to go with a different smaller pool though.Still can’t wait for it to be up and filled!

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